Legend of Yang Chen - Jiu Chen Fengyun Lu

Legend of Yang Chen - Jiu Chen Fengyun Lu (2023)

English Name: Legend of Yang Chen

Romanized Chinese Name: Jiu Chen Fengyun Lu

Time: 10 min Rate:

People in the Yang Mansion made fun of Yang Chen, the grandson of the Patriarch, because he had n't awakened his Dao Soul in a while. In an effort to awaken the Dao Soul and Qi Ling Huangyu, he breaks through himself out of desperation. He then realizes that the group led by his uncle is pressuring Grandpa to resign as patriarch. Yang Chen then made the decision to increase his strength in order to protect his family and went to Youyun Mountain by himself to look for medicine. In the end, everyone's plot was exposed, and the patriarchal position was maintained.

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