Tales of Dark River - Anhe Zhuan

Tales of Dark River - Anhe Zhuan (2023–)

English Name: Tales of Dark River

Romanized Chinese Name: Anhe Zhuan

Time: N/A

The three families that make up Dark River, the most enigmatic assassin group in the martial arts world, are Su, Xie, and Mu. The TOP Leader is the name given to the highest ruler of the three families. The top leader is currently under the influence of an odd poison and is on the verge of passing away. The three families of Dark River seized the chance to start a rebellion after hearing the news. Su Muyu, also known as Kui, the leader of the Spider Shadow and the guardian team for the top leader, sought out the Medicine King Valley's divine physician Bai Hehuai to heal him while also repelling assassins from other families to defend him. On behalf of the Su family, Su Changhe, a close friend of his in Dark River, has joined the assassination plot against the top leader.

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  • Language: Mandarin, Chinese
  • Writer: Munan Zhou

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