The Fallen Master - Duo Xuan Shi

The Fallen Master - Duo Xuan Shi (2023)

English Name: The Fallen Master

Romanized Chinese Name: Duo Xuan Shi

Time: 20 min Rate:

The ace of the modern Z organization, Chu Yue, was executed by being framed. His soul then traveled to the Nine Desolation World under the guidance of a system's Nine Decolation Mirror, and he continued to practice and grow stronger in order to survive. Chu Yue learned the shocking secrets kept in the original owner of the body he was wearing while carrying out system tasks and engaging in adventures. Chu Yue unexpectedly learned that he was not the only host of the Nine Desolation Mirror System, but that there were other hosts of this system in the nine devastation world, as his research into the body's original owner revealed more and more secrets.

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