Soul Land 2: The Peerless Tang Clan

Soul Land 2: The Peerless Tang Clan (2023–)

English Name: Soul Land 2: The Peerless Tang Clan

Romanized Chinese Name: Douluo Dalu II: Jueshi Tangmen

Time: N/A

A world without of magic, Dou- Qi, and martial arts but replete with essence spirits. Ten thousand years after the Tang Sect's founding on the Douluo Continent, it started to decline. Can the new generation of Shrek Seven Monsters revive the Tang Sect and write a song that is unmatched by the Tianjiao generation? The brand-new soul guide system that caused the Tang Sect to fall will be revealed one by one. It is a million-year-old soul beast that holds the sun, the moon, and the star-picking god of the dead. Can the Tang Sect's secret weapons regain their glory? Can the Tang Sect reclaim its former glory?

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  • Language: Chinese, Mandarin
  • Writer: Tang Jia San Shao

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