Top Isekai Chinese Anime (Donghua)

Top 12 Isekai Chinese Anime (Donghua) You Shouldn't Miss

The "Isekai" genre refers to a type of story where the characters are sent to another world, and has gained popularity among Chinese anime fans. This blog introduces 12 recommended isekai Chinese anime (donghua) that you should enjoy watching. Each entry has its own unique story and interesting journey, with elements of action, adventure, and […]

Top Donghua (Chinese Anime) Similar to Japanese Anime

Top 10 Donghua (Chinese Anime) Similar to Japanese Anime

Donghua is gaining popularity in the community of Japanese anime fans. This article examines ten Chinese donghua series with close links and similarities to Japanese anime. The selection of series ranges from travels of heroes and fights of supernatural creatures to heartfelt stories and light moments, so it can still be seen that the Chinese […]

Lu Mingfei's Powers and Strong Abilities

Lu Mingfei's Powers and Strong Abilities

Lu Mingfei in Dragon Raja (Long Zu), a very normal and an unfortunate student of school would never have foreseen that his life could be changed drastically. The student got the admission letter of Kassel college an unknown college abroad. But after a little thought, our hero took the initiative to unravel the puzzle which […]

Xiao Wu in Soul Land

Xiao Wu, Tang San's Wife in Soul Land

Among the characters in Soul Land (Douluo Dalu), Xiao Wu turns out to be one of the leading figures. Besides being known as the beloved wife of Tang San, she is also a crucial and active participant in the process of Tang San becoming a God with her transformation from a spirit beast to a […]

Chu Feng

Chu Feng in Peerless Martial Spirit

Chu Feng is the main character of Peerless Martial Spirit. The series is set on the continent of Long Mai, where people practice cultivation to survive and gain power. However, Chu Feng starts with a low level of strength, which is caused by his energy core not being strong enough to cultivate spirit power effectively. […]

Top Chinese Anime with High Visual Quality

Top Chinese Anime with High Visual Quality

We'd like to begin by welcoming you to our blog post about Top Chinese Anime with great visuals. In this article, we are going to take a look at the lively and visually stunning world of Donghua as a whole. Chinese animation has always attracted audience by its preciseness and artistic skills. We will show […]

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