Westward Juvenile Journey

Westward Juvenile Journey (2020)

English Name: Westward Juvenile Journey

Romanized Chinese Name: Dahua Zhi Shaonian You

Time: N/A

The scholar Xiao Yaosheng and the knight-errant swordsman met and jointly defeated the baby-eater who caused the disaster in Chang'an during the prosperous Tang Dynasty, but they were involved in unfathomable mysteries. They were compelled by a variety of factors to travel to the spirit beast village, where they encountered the demon girl fox beauty and the bone elf along the way. The stingy gods, the tiger-headed monsters that pursued him relentlessly, demons against the sky, and even the unidentified ghost king who accompanied him... There are many unknowns on the road to the spirit beast village.

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  • Language: Chinese, Mandarin

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