Knights on Debris - Xing Hai Qishi

Knights on Debris - Xing Hai Qishi (2020)

English Name: Knights on Debris

Romanized Chinese Name: Xing Hai Qishi

Time: 23 min Rate:

Human exploration of the universe has entered a thriving era in the future. Originally, Machinist Chen Mo believed he would be able to travel to the new planet, the Wild Land, in an interstellar spacecraft. Unexpectedly, the Wild Land had burned when he awoke, and his teammates had transformed into dreadful puppet monsters. Chen Mo was unaware that the Wild Land had turned into an abyss and that humans had formed an interstellar federation over the course of several hundred years of sleeping in the dormancy chamber. Why am I still here? --After asking countless questions, Chen Mo fixed four robot helpers with various personalities and roles.

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