The Legend of Sword Domain - Jian Yu Feng Yun

The Legend of Sword Domain - Jian Yu Feng Yun (2021–)

English Name: The Legend of Sword Domain

Romanized Chinese Name: Jian Yu Feng Yun

Time: N/A

There are ten great legendary swords and five great families on the ancient land of Sword Domain. One of the five, Lv Yang, is the ancestor of lv. In the crucial moment of peril, he acquired one of the legendary swords, Taoshen, while on the run. He kept a low profile in order to avoid being pursued, but he also put in lots of practice to learn the truth and exact revenge on his mother. He emerged as the master with the most potent sword in the midst of the great families 'power struggle and eventually ruled the land of Sword Domain.

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  • Language: Chinese, Mandarin

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