Top 7 Best Supernatural Donghua (Chinese Animation) Series

Do you want to explore the world of supernatural Chinese anime? Then keep reading, Here are the top 7 best supernatural donghua, These donghua range from exciting adventures to mysterious stories that will keep any fan of the supernatural genre entertained.
If you love supernatural anime or are just starting to watch Chinese animation, this list has great options. These captivating Chinese anime series tell exciting supernatural stories. Get comfortable and prepare for thrilling rides into the world of supernatural donghua.



1- Swallowed Star - Tunshi Xingkong

Swallowed Star - Tunshi Xingkong

A bad virus appeared on the planet one day and caused big problems. Sick animals changed into scary, aggressive monsters. When humans were almost gone, they built walls and cities to stay safe. This hard time is called the "Time Without Hope." People slowly got stronger living in dangerous places. New fighting styles grew up, and people got more powerful than before. The best fighters were called Warriors. 18-year-old Luo Feng wanted to be one too. The main character, Luo Feng, lives in a world after everything ended. It is full of smart Monsters. He gets better at being a super strong fighter by dealing with problems. He learns new skills as the story goes on.


2- Stellar Transformation - Xing Chen Bian

Stellar Transformation - Xing Chen Bian

A young man in another galaxy cannot do internal practices easily. So he works very hard doing external practices to earn his father's respect. He grows older over the years. A strange crystal from space called the Meteor Tear changes his life. Without knowing, the crystal joins with his body. Then big changes happen to him. After that, everything is different. Finally, his father sees how talented his son is, even though he did not pay much attention before. There will be more amazing things from the son later.


3- Renegade Immortal - Xian Ni

Renegade Immortal - Xian Ni

It tells the tale of Wang Lin, a young child who tried to pass the district exam in an effort to improve his and his parents 'futures, but things turned out differently. It is a tale filled with tragedies and difficult decisions.


4- Against the Gods - Nitian Xie Shen

Against the Gods - Nitian Xie Shen

The most dangerous part of the Azure Cloud Continent is Mythical Abode Mountain. It is also called Clouds End Cliff. Many people have fallen off this cliff over many years. No one has survived, even those stronger than god masters who could pierce the heavens. A boy had an invaluable treasure and many people chased him. He jumped off the cliff to escape them. Instead of dying, he woke up in another boy's body with the same name. This is the story of a young man with the Sky Poison Pearl. He becomes very strong. He fights against heaven and earth. He rules over the whole planet.


5- My Journey in an Alternate World

My Journey in an Alternate World

Chen Xiaofan accidently swallowed a Chaos Orb and entered an alternate world. There, he became Young Master Chen, the most good-looking man in Muyun City. Even though all the women liked him, he couldn't become stronger through practice. He quit his easy life as a young master. This went against his family's wants. Chen Xiaofan wanted to go back to his original world. He was set on becoming more powerful through practice.


6- Perfect World - Wanmei Shijie

Perfect World - Wanmei Shijie

Shi hao is the main character who was left by his parents in a remote, wild area so he could grow up safely in a stone village. The village god would take care of him there. Long ago, people in the village survived by killing monsters. Their god or guardian spirit protected them. Shi hao was really a prince, but some greedy humans caused a problem that almost ended his life. But the god of the stone village saved him and let him stay in the village to be safe from the people who wanted to kill him. As he got older, the god spirit asked him about his parents. But the God told him to become stronger and lift a very heavy furnace that had been given to him. When Shi hao could do that, the god would tell him where his father was.


7- Dragon Raja - Long Zu

Dragon Raja - Long Zu

Lu Mingfei did not plan to have an amazing life. He was happy with small successes and enjoyed playing Starcraft. However, everything changed when he got a surprise offer to go to Cassell College in Chicago. This must be a trick because it seemed too good to be true. He did not know that accepting would begin the rest of his life. Once they tell him about dragons, the college not being famous will not be his biggest worry.




In Conclusion

Here are the main selections of the top 7 best supernatural Chinese animation series we discussed, which explore exciting and magical worlds like meeting ghosts, demons, and powerful ancient spirits. We hope that our list on Donghua List has satisfied you. Stay tuned for more Blog posts on Donghua.

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