Against the Gods - Nitian Xie Shen

Against the Gods - Nitian Xie Shen (2023–)

English Name: Against the Gods

Romanized Chinese Name: Nitian Xie Shen

Time: N/A

The most dangerous of Azure Cloud Continent's four deadly regions is Mythical Abode Mountain, also known as Clouds End Cliff. The Grim Reaper's Cemetery is the name of the base of Cloud 'End Cliff. It is impossible to count the number of people who have fallen off this cliff over the course of countless years. None of them have been able to survive, not even three who were more powerful than god masters and had the ability to pierce the heavens. However, a boy who is being pursued by many people because he is the only one in possession of an invaluable treasure jumps off the cliff, but instead of passing away, the boy awakens in the body of another boy with the same name. This is the tale of a young man who wields the Sky Poison Pearl and builds up the fortitude to battle both heaven and earth while ruling over the entire planet.

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  • Language: Chinese, Mandarin
  • Writer: Mars Gravity

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