Top 10 Best 3D Donghua Series

Top 10 Best 3D Donghua Series

With their engaging stories and unique 3D animations, Chinese Anime (Donghua) has become increasingly popular. Remarkable for its visuals and unforgettable characters, these 3D Donghua series are one of a kind. In this article, we’ll talk about the top 10 3D Donghua series you should watch. These shows provide some of the greatest experiences in 3D Chinese Anime. Let’s take a look into these fantastic titles and find out why they are capturing hearts of the fans all around the world.

1. Battle Through the Heavens (Doupo Cangqiong)

Battle Through the Heavens 3D Donghua

Battle Through the Heavens is an outstanding example of 3D Donghua, which captivates the audience through its lucid narrative and splendid visual effects. It is a world dominated by the powerful where 3D Chinese Anime shows us that there are countless treasures and vast dangers at every turn.
The plot of this 3D animation revolves around Xiao Yan who used to be a genius but lost his ability three years ago. This caused him to lose all his achievements as well as hope for future success. Meanwhile he is trying to cope with this sudden collapse when his fiancée appears out of nowhere.
In “Battle Through the Heavens”, advanced 3D techniques are used in an amazing way. The animation makes landscapes and precious items move, which makes for active watching. This type of visuals makes fights more dynamic and gives them depth so that viewers would feel themselves partaking in it.
As Xiao Yan embarks on his quest for strength restoration and solving the mystery behind everything that happened, we get an incredible story told through stunning visuals in 3D animation.


2. A Record of Mortal's Journey to Immortality (Fanren Xiu Xian Chuan)

Fanren Xiu Xian Chuan 3D Chinese Anime

The main character of A Record of Mortal’s Journey to Immortality is Han Li, a boy who grows up as a poor son of a village. This 3D Donghua follows his life story which he tells while trying to break into the ranks of Qi Xuan Sect in order to change their family’s financial situation for better. Mo Da Fu meets him and begins an unpredictable journey of Jianghu with him.
The thing that makes this 3D Chinese Anime special is its different narrative structure. Han Li has less ability at first than many other heroes do when they start out. Meeting immortals of antiquity adds complexity to his search for eternal life while fighting against demons makes it more thrilling. By using 3D animation, creators managed not only depict various mystical worlds but also show them in great detail and fill with dynamic scenes of action.
Advanced 3D techniques are employed for better storytelling experience. It demonstrates how strong-willed Han Li undergoes tremendous changes from an ordinary person into powerful practitioner step by step. ‘A Record of Mortal’s Journey to Immortality’ is worth seeing because it combines excellent visual effects typical of 3D Donghua along with an interesting plot full of unexpected twists.


3. Swallowed Star (Tunshi Xingkong)

Swallowed Star 3D Donghua

Swallowed Star (Tunshi Xingkong) is based on the aftermath of a pandemic caused by the RR virus that changes animals into savage monsters. They had to build cities with walls as the final safeguard for humanity, which they called the Era of Nirvana.
This brutal environment is what 18-year-old Luo Feng needs to survive as he desires to become a Combatant. He acquires extraordinary powers while progressing through this world full of danger. His story of becoming stronger while facing powerful beasts is at the heart of the plot development.
In a world dominated by intelligent creatures, Swallowed Star excels at showing how beautiful chaos can be. These 3D skills make for lively fights and futuristic settings that pull viewers into the action even more than before; they provide an altogether different watching experience altogether. With animation where everything seems alive and in motion all the time – this narrative captures every moment of Luo Feng’s growth from an ordinary person into one with immense strength.


4. Stellar Transformation (Xing Chen Bian)

Stellar Transformation 3D Chinese Donghua

Qin Yu's story in Stellar Transformation is all about hard work and change. Born without the skill for inner powers, Qin Yu took the tough way of outer skills to earn his dad's respect. His life changed when a strange meteor crystal, the Meteoric Tear, fused with his body, causing big changes.
The show uses 3D animation to show Qin Yu's hard training and the cosmic scenes he explores. The visual effects highlight his growing powers, making his journey exciting. The detailed worlds and character designs add depth to the story, pulling viewers into Qin Yu's quest for greatness.
Stellar Transformation stands out in 3D Donghua with its mix of personal growth and cosmic adventure. It gives a visually stunning experience that also touches the heart.


5. Against the Gods (Nitian Xie Shen)

Nitian Xie Shen 3D Chinese Anime

At Clouds End Cliff, many people lost their lives on Mythical Abode Mountain. A young boy ran, holding a rare pearl. He jumped off the cliff. Amazingly, the boy woke up in a new body with the same name. He had the powerful Sky Poison Pearl.
With this treasure, the boy set out on an epic journey. He fought many battles and grew stronger. From being hunted, he became a mighty ruler.
The donghua Against the Gods also uses great 3D animation. It brings the dramatic landscapes and action scenes to life using 3D animation style.


6. Renegade Immortal (Xian Ni)

Renegade Immortal 3D Donghua

Wang Lin, a young man, hoped passing sect registering exam would bring a better life. But things took a sad turn. He was thrust into a world of tragedy and hard choices. Renegade Immortal shares Wang Lin's poignant tale.
The 3D animation captures Wang Lin's struggles and strength well. Unlike other heroes, his journey is full of grief and tough calls. The lifelike visuals show his emotional and physical battles vividly. Viewers feel immersed in his quest for power and redemption.


7. Against the Sky Supreme (Ni Tian Zhizun)

Against the Sky Supreme 3D Donghua

In the God Realm, Hongmeng Supreme was the most powerful person, who had the knowlge of various arts and ruled over the terrestrial world, the eternal world, and the divine world with equity and kindness. During an extraterrestrial invasion, his death was caused by Chaos Supreme and Origin Supreme’s betrayal which made him cursed to be reincarnating for eternity. His family was annihilated, his house was taken away and his beliefs were subverted.
In the 3D Donghua called ‘Against the Sky Supreme’ (Ni Tian Zhizun), Tan Yun finds himself reborn into a small noble family situated in Wangyue Town where he lived an ostracized life for sixteen years. Approaching his end, Tan Yun gets awakened by his past memories and the power within him of Hongmeng divine fetus. This change enables Tan Yun to defy fate acquiring abilities similar to those of gods, so starting on a journey in pursuit of revenge and seeking for atonement.


8. Soul Land (Douluo Dalu)

Soul Land 3D Donghua Anime

Soul Land (Douluo Dalu) tells the story of Tang San, an outer disciple of the Tang clan who jumps off a cliff to prove his dedication after obtaining forbidden knowledge; but instead of dying he is reborn in another world called the Soul Land where children awaken their martial souls at the age of six. These souls can be animals, plants or weapons that assist them in daily activities.
Tang San strivings in this new realm revolve around his grit to resurrect his family line and become a formidable soul master. What makes the narrative more interesting is the way it shows his growth alongside hardships that add depth not only to him as a character but also to the whole story.
What makes Soul Land special is how they use three-dimensional animation for depicting martial souls and their abilities. The detailed designs of characters combined with fluid movements during combat scenes make such moments highly captivating. Through this kind of animation, people are immersed into the universe of Soul Land thus making Tang San’s journey both visually appealing and emotionally moving at the same time.


9. Ten Thousand Worlds (Wan Jie Du Zun)

Wan Jie Du Zun 3D Donghua

Lin Feng was working on his powers when his partner betrayed him. Ji Manyao stole his martial soul sword, making him very sick. At that moment, Lin Feng's spirit went to a strange place with buried ancient gods.
In this 3D animated show, Lin Feng meets a mysterious woman in the gods' burial ground. She tells him that by destroying the buried gods, he can get great martial arts skills and knowledge. This makes Lin Feng want revenge and to learn about himself. He tries to use the gods' power to overcome the betrayal and become amazing. The beautiful 3D animation brings Lin Feng's exciting journey to life, making Ten Thousand Worlds an engaging show to watch.


10. Immortality (Yong Sheng)

Yong Sheng 3D Chinese Donghua

Fang Han's life began in hardship, a lowly slave with an unbreakable will. Determined to forge his own path, he braved countless trials in pursuit of power. Despite overwhelming odds, his resolve drove him to continue and transforming his mortal body into immortal through dedication.

The 3D animation in Immortality shows his transformation and the fantastical world vividly, the stunning visuals and storytelling make Fang Han's quest for immortality inspiring and interesting to watch.



This collection of the top 10 3D Donghua series presents what Chinese Anime has at its finest. Each series brings something unique to the table with their outstanding 3D animations and great stories that will be sure to keep any viewer. We hope that you enjoy these amazing shows just as much as we have, and once again thank you for being with Donghua List.

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