Top Chinese Anime with High Visual Quality

We'd like to begin by welcoming you to our blog post about Top Chinese Anime with great visuals. In this article, we are going to take a look at the lively and visually stunning world of Donghua as a whole. Chinese animation has always attracted audience by its preciseness and artistic skills. We will show you some of the most beautiful works here and tell why they're worth watching.


A Record of Mortal's Journey to Immortality (Fanren Xiu Xian Chuan)

Fanren Xiu Xian Chuan Donghua

A Record of Mortal's Journey to Immortality is about a boy named Han Li who lives in a village. At Qi Xuan Sect, he decides to sit for an entry test despite having mediocre martial know-how with the aim of transforming his family's financial status for good.

Han Li endures unobtrusive but considerable trials throughout his expedition due to the fact that he is surrounded by hazardousness from heaven and hell alike while traveling around spiritual world. His is a story marked by silent resolve and strength – one that will resonate well with viewers who love an underdog tale.

This Donghua has really good visuals. Its animation brings out the world of Jianghu vividly, with attention to both character design and scenic background details. It's a great example of how modern Chinese Anime can be visually stunning without going overboard.

For people looking for Chinese Anime that mixes a captivating story with beautiful art, A Record of Mortal's Journey to Immortality It should not be missed.


Shrouding the Heavens (Zhe Tian)

Shrouding the Heavens Chinese Anime

Shrouding the Heavens begins with an innocent gathering of old friends who are celebrating their graduation. The situation takes a turn when they chance upon an ancient bronze coffin purported to hold the bodies of nine powerful dragons, and as a result, they get moved to a strange unknown planet from Earth unintentionally through this find.

Being trapped with no means of escape, they have no choice but to survive. In order to make it back home, the team is forced to learn how to utilize their own strengths within this barren land where they are complete strangers, hoping against hope each day will be the one that sees them leaving this place forever. Success or failure?-that remains unanswered until the coming end?

Visually, the Anime does a great job at showing off what we know as typical for our planet apart from those which belong in other worlds; this is also true artistically speaking since by drawing these different sceneries with such detail while keeping them within certain frame Shrouding the Heavens manages show connection between ancient magic signs combined with some urgency connected survival all along presented in series with really creative visuals that would make any fan want more Chinese Anime experiences centred around combining adventure genres together along sides fantasy elements during their watch time.


Immortality (Yong Sheng)

Yong Sheng Donghua

Immortality (Yong Sheng) tells the story of Fang Han, who was born into slavery within his family ties; however, from a very early age, he has always been all about individualism, feeling very strongly that people should support themselves. Having this mindset drives him to access powers beyond nature, thereby making it possible for him to become immortal.

As Fang Han begins to master his new abilities, he goes into fairyland, and with time, becomes a powerful leader. His journey from the bottom to the top is inspiring and beautiful to watch.

Immortality (Yong Sheng) animation is neat and does a good job of showing Fang Han's adventures without being too much. It's a perfect example of how Donghua, also called Chinese Anime, can tell an interesting story with nice visuals that will keep you captivated. If you want something about growth and never giving up, then this show is for you.


Stellar Transformation (Xing Chen Bian)

Stellar Transformation Donghua

Stellar Transformation (Xing Chen Bian) talks about the life of a young man in a different galaxy who is found unable to practice internal skills, which are very important in their world. This limitation leads him to master external skills the hard way with the hope of earning his father's respect.

Over time, his life takes a dramatic turn when he comes across Meteoric Tear – an enigmatic crystal stone. As a result of merging with it, subtle changes start taking place but go unnoticed at first; however, later, they become too significant, thus altering his fate forever.

Upon realizing these new abilities, his dad sees qualities in him that were initially ignored, setting a platform for greater things to come by.

Stellar Transformation is a Chinese Anime that stands out because of its detailed, lively visuals depicting not only change but also universality represented here. It shows how storytelling can be improved through visual arts in the context of growth and exploration, thereby becoming an ideal delight for anyone who loves seeing characters rise from zero towards infinity.


Against the Gods (Nitian Xie Shen)

Ni Tian Xieshen Chinese Anime

A priceless treasure has put the life of a young boy in grave danger. The pursued boy decides to jump off the infamous Cloud's End Cliff rather than give up the said treasure. He does not die as he expects because he wakes up in another boy's body, a boy who shares the same name as himself.

He carries the Sky Poison Pearl and hopes to conquer his fate and become powerful. The show animation presents this thrilling but dangerous world he is in, which makes it interesting. Against the Gods is known for its clear yet captivating plot line that attracts adventure lovers and Chinese Anime fans alike.


Battle Through the Heavens (Doupo Cangqiong)

Battle Through the Heavens Chinese Anime

Power makes the rules in this world where might is right and the weak have no choice but to obey. Apart from being full of alluring treasures and sceneries, it's also a very unpredictable place. Xiao Yan used to be an outstanding prodigy until one day, he lost all his abilities mysteriously within three years, including promising his mother something that he could not uphold anymore.

While trying to understand why his power disappeared, many questions arise when he suddenly sees his intended wife back after such a long time. The Anime brings out Xiao Yan quest for redemption as well as his struggles in an outstanding visual way that captivates drama lovers among other genres within Chinese anime sphere.


Renegade Immortal (Xian Ni)

Renegade Immortal Donghua

Renegade Immortal tells the story of Wang Lin, a boy who wants to change his family's life and his life by passing the district exam. Nevertheless, he takes an unexpected path that leads him through a life filled with tragedy and difficult decisions.

This Anime explores deeply Wang Lin's battles, both inner and outer, represented with the help of wonderfully made animations. A visual experience where viewers are brought into the middle of Wang Lin's intricate world is reached by the balance between light and dark used to accentuate the story's gloomier sides. Renegade Immortal provides a deep understanding of what people go through while trying to make themselves better, thus creating an outstanding Chinese anime tale of self-improvement.


Purple River (Zi Chuan)

Purple River Donghua

Purple River focuses on three heroes from a secretive Zichuan Clan as they climb up the ladder in the Human Empire. The narrative unveils itself around Sterling, a soldier loyal to the extent of slavery towards the throne; Di Lin, a cold-minded strategist; and Zichuan Xiu, a wanted man for his wit alone.

In the face of betrayals from within, coupled with attacks by external enemies against their clan, every brother must make hard choices. On the one hand, Sterling is torn between duties owed to his beloved spouse vis-a-vis loyalty towards kith and kin, while on the other, Zichuan Xiu risks his life for the safety of the whole group by confronting his demons and tracking down a dangerous rebel.

The continent is in turmoil as it hosts endless battles among human, demon, orcish or even eastern tribes, which leaves no doubt about the Fabricated Nature of such events hence making it the mother fertile realm for epic tales. An animated version of Purple River does justice to this chaotic world by bringing out intense theatrics coupled with personal sacrifices made by heroes, thereby making it captivating. Therefore, for any individual interested in loyalty-based stories told from a strategic point of view and survival instincts, this should also be one of their top choices.


Swallowed Star (Tunshi Xingkong)

Tunshi Xingkong Chinese Anime

The catastrophe virus makes animals terror, makes a wild world, and makes mankind have to be on the brink of madness. At the end of human civilization, there are some refuge citadels left, which resemble fortresses more than cities. One such 18-year-old fighter for a better future dreams of becoming an invincible soldier who will guard these camps forever. The process of turning a young man from an infantile warrior into a strong one is full of violent battles and episodes of personal growth.

In this aspect Donghua shows good quality of strong images. It can be said that it is one of the best Chinese animes with an interesting plotline and amazing graphic effects.


The Demon Hunter (Cang Yuan Tu)

The Demon Hunter Chinese Anime

When he was a child, Meng Chuan saw his mother being murdered before him- since then, revenge has been burning in the heart of this man. Suddenly appointed marriage of that person was cancelled, which made peace disappear from life forever; at the same time, enemies attacked the native town. Putting all trust only into oneself's resolution along with a sword which never leaves its owner till death comes, MC swears to become the strongest guardian for people living in Ning City. This story about protecting others while seeking vengeance has been beautifully designed, filled with scenes showing fierceness during battles fought, as well as reflecting various emotions experienced by Meng Chuan himself. Among different Chinese anime known so far, 'The Demon Hunter' differs due to its engaging story supported with high visual effects necessary for displaying dusty reality reigning in Meng Chuan's world.


Tales of Dark River (Anhe Zhuan)

Tales of Dark River Chinese Anime

Tales of Dark River explores the shadowy world of Dark River, a legendary assassin group divided among three powerful families: Su, Xie, and Mu.

The story intensifies when the leader, known as TOP Leader, falls ill due to a mysterious poison, sparking a fierce power struggle within the group. Amidst this chaos, Su Muyu, a key protector of the TOP Leader, seeks out a renowned healer while fending off assassination attempts. This Donghua masterfully portrays the intrigue and danger of assassin life with crisp, clear visuals that highlight the tension and strategy behind each move. The animation excels in bringing the dark, suspenseful atmosphere of the story to life, making it a standout example of Chinese Anime with its rich visual storytelling.


Legend of Exorcism (Tian Bao Fuyao Lu)

Legend of Exorcism Donghua

Legend of Exorcism is set during the bustling Tianbao era, focusing on Kong Hongjun, a young man from the countryside. Unfamiliar with the complexities of city life, Kong arrives in Chang'an to join the Great Tang's Exorcist Department.

Under the leadership of Li Jinglong, he and a team of specialists face supernatural threats, striving to keep the peace. The Anime's visuals are impressively detailed, capturing the historical setting of Chang'an with a vibrant color palette that enhances the mystical elements of the story.

The action scenes are well-executed, making the battles against supernatural creatures both exciting and visually appealing. This series is a solid choice for those who enjoy a good mix of history and fantasy in their Chinese Anime.



The Top Chinese Anime in this article display an amazing visual quality. The talent and creativity of Chinese animators are evident in these animated Shows, which range from beautiful sceneries to well-crafted characters. These are among the best pieces with great graphics that will leave you amazed at every turn as if taking your mind into another realm altogether. And lastly, Thank you for being with Donghua List.


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