Top 7 Best Reincarnation Donghua (Chinese Anime) Series

Do you like Chinese animation and find reincarnation interesting? Then check out these 7 top Chinese reincarnation donghua for an exciting adventure. Reincarnation has always made for compelling stories. Combined with the beautifully animated world of Chinese anime, the result is truly amazing to watch.

These Chinese animated shows tell stories about people living more than one life. Some are about heroes from old tales. Others show how people can change for better in a new life. If you like learning about past lives and fate, these top Donghua will take you to worlds where past meets present.



1- Soul Land - Douluo Dalu

Soul Land - Douluo Dalu

Tang San from Tang's clan jumps off a cliff to show he is serious. He secretly learned what his group thought was their best skill. He enters a new world full of martial souls with a different name, Soul Land. When the children are six years old, each one's martial soul will wake up in the military soul temple. A martial soul can help with daily life, as an animal, plant or weapon. Being a soul master is the most powerful and respected job in Soul Land. Along with reviving Tang's clan, Tang San starts his journey to become a soul master from the Village of Saint Souls. If Tang San's secret weapons reach Soul Land and his Martial Soul wakes up, can he bring back the good old days of Tang's clan?

Soul Land - Douluo Dalu


2- The God of War Dominates - Wu Shen Zhu Zai

Wu Shen Zhu Zai

A famous man from Tianwu named Qin Chen died unexpectedly because his lover and friend betrayed him. He was reborn 300 years later as the son of a marquis who had no mother. Others often hurt him. He used what he learned before to make spiritual things and medicine. He went on a trip that surprised all the countries.

The God of War Dominates - Wu Shen Zhu Zai


3- Against the Sky Supreme - Ni Tian Zhizun

Against the Sky Supreme - Ni Tian Zhizun

The most powerful being in the God Realm was Hongmeng Supreme, the ruler. He was very kind and fair to mortals, eternal beings, and gods. However, Chaos Supreme and Origin Supreme betrayed and killed Hongmeng Supreme during an alien invasion. This caused his curse to be reborn over and over. His family was killed, his home was taken, and his values changed. Tan Yun was born in Wangyue Town into a small noble family. For 16 years, he lived as an outsider. When his past memories woke up and the power of the Hongmeng divine baby grew, Tan Yun changed his fate. Near death, he gained god-like abilities.

Against the Sky Supreme - Ni Tian Zhizun


4- Against the Gods - Nitian Xie Shen

Against the Gods

The most dangerous area in the four deadly regions of Azure Cloud Continent is Mythical Abode Mountain, also called Clouds End Cliff. The base of Cloud End Cliff is called the Grim Reaper's Cemetery. Over countless years, it is impossible to count how many people fell from this cliff. None survived, including three people who were stronger than god masters and could pierce the heavens. However, a boy chased by many people because he alone owns a very valuable treasure jumps off the cliff. Instead of dying, the boy wakes up in another boy's body with the same name. This is the story of a young man with the Sky Poison Pearl. He grows strong enough to fight both heaven and earth. He rules over the entire planet.

Against the Gods - Nitian Xie Shen


5- The Peak of True Martial Arts

Zhen Wu Dianfeng

Nie Feng was born with a strong true yang body, but into an average family. He had bad luck and was often hurt and bothered by others. Eventually, he went to fight against eight big groups alone. Surprisingly, Nie Feng did not die; instead, at age seventeen, he was reborn as a boy again. Even though he came from an average family, in this new life he did very well and had the best fighting skills. He would fix his mistakes from his last life. All his enemies would be defeated.

The Peak of True Martial Arts


6- The Founder of Diabolism - Mo Dao Zu Shi

Mo Dao Zu Shi

Wei Wuxian was a grand master who started the Demonic Sect. He caused trouble all around the world and many people disliked him for the chaos. In the end, strong groups joined together to defeat him after he was stabbed by his closest student. He takes the form of a crazy man left by his group. Later against his will, Lan Wangji takes him away. Lan Wangji was Wei Wuxian's enemy and one of the best cultivators. This started an exciting but funny journey with raising kids, solving mysteries, and facing monsters. The two men had opposite beliefs. They worked together to understand the afterlife. After defeating demons, ghosts and other cultivators, the two formed a bond they never expected.

The Founder of Diabolism - Mo Dao Zu Shi


7- Tales of Demons and Gods - Yao Shen Ji

Tales of Demons and Gods

Before, Nie Li was really powerful. He could use demon spirits better than anyone and was one of the best fighters. But when his home was in trouble, he wasn't strong enough to help. He did end up dying when fighting against a very powerful sage emperor and six very strong spirit beasts. Then when he was only 13 years old again, his soul went back to that time. Because he remembered everything from before, even though he was the weakest student with the lowest natural talent. And his soul realm was only red, the lowest one. He decided to practice and get better faster than anyone thought possible.

Tales of Demons and Gods - Yao Shen Ji



In the End

We hope our choices of Best Reincarnation Donghua at Donghua List fulfill your desire for catching storytelling chinese anime. These animated shows give you a fascinating look into the theme of reincarnation, weaving together tales of being born again, making up for mistakes, and second chances. With their great tales and amazing animation, we trust these Donghua will leave you both having fun and thinking deep.

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