The Peak of True Martial Arts

The Peak of True Martial Arts (2021–)

English Name: The Peak of True Martial Arts

Romanized Chinese Name: Zhen Wu Dianfeng

Time: N/A

Nie Feng has a body of true yang, but he was born into an ordinary family, suffered an unfortunate fate, was repeatedly persecuted and mistreated, and eventually set out on the path of confronting the eight main sects on his own. Unexpectedly, Nie Feng was not killed as a result of this; rather, at the age of seventeen, he was reborn into his boyhood. Despite coming from an ordinary background, he excelled in this life and possessed unmatched martial arts. The regrets from the previous life will be atoned for. All adversaries will be laid to rest.

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  • Language: Chinese, Mandarin

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