Top Isekai Chinese Anime (Donghua)

The "Isekai" genre refers to a type of story where the characters are sent to another world, and has gained popularity among Chinese anime fans. This blog introduces 12 recommended isekai Chinese anime (donghua) that you should enjoy watching. Each entry has its own unique story and interesting journey, with elements of action, adventure, and fantasy. These selections are full of enthusiasm for people who want to experience a different reality.


1. Against the Sky Supreme (Ni Tian Zhizun)

Against the Sky Supreme Chinese Donghua

In “Against the Sky Supreme”, the story begins with Hongmeng Supreme being the most powerful existence in the God Realm. Hongmeng Supreme, who was known for his kindness and justice towards mortals, immortals and even gods, was betrayed by Chaos Supreme and Origin Supreme when aliens invaded. As a result of this betrayal, he was born again and again with much suffering each time; his family died, his homeland was taken away from him and his philosophy changed greatly.
Tan Yun is the protagonist; he is born into a small noble family in Wangyue Town. Living as an outsider for sixteen years, he finally remembers his past life at this age and realizes that he has the Hongmeng divine fetus’ strength. By changing his destiny with this power, Tan Yun becomes like a god. This Chinese anime (donghua) presents an attractive isekai plot about betrayal, resurrection and pursuit for righteousness as well as strength.


2. Against the Gods (Nitian Xie Shen)

Against the Gods Donghua

In the “Against the Gods” world, there is a place called Cloud End Cliff at Mythical Abode Mountain in Azure Cloud Continent which is said to be the most dangerous among the four forbidden areas. Grim Reaper’s Cemetery at its foot has taken the lives of many people who never come back alive even if they are stronger than god masters capable of breaking through nine heavens.
The tale recounts the journey of a young boy who possesses a priceless treasure. He is hunted by many people and in a bid to escape jumps off Clouds End Cliff. Instead of dying, he wakes up in the body of another young man with the same name as his. Having received the Sky Poison Pearl he starts an adventure that will see him defy the heavens and the earth. It is an awesome isekai Chinese anime (donghua) which tells his story of going from nothing to everything.


3. Soul Land (Douluo Dalu)

Soul Land Donghua Anime

Tang San, an outer disciple at Tang Clan jumps from a cliff in order to prove his loyalty after he secretly learned the most powerful skills within the clan. He gets transported into another world where martial soul beings can be discovered. In this world, every child must go to the military soul temple at 6 years old so as awaken his/her martial soul which will be their partner in life until death apart from some whose schick may come out later on during battle .
In Soul Land being a soul master is regarded as the most honorable profession. From Saint of Soul Village, Tang San sets out on his journey to become one for he has vowed to resurrect Tang Clan which had greatly declined. With his singular hidden weapons and martial arts he strives to accomplish what he desires, this includes restoring back honor into his family name. It is an exciting isekai Chinese anime (donghua) that illustrates power-seeking adventures made by Tang San who seeks for redemption while gaining glory and respect as well.


4. Martial Master (Wu Shen Zhu Zai)

Martial Master Chinese Anime

Qin Chen was a well-known character from Tianwu continent; unfortunately because of love betrayal among friends he dies an untimely death . 300 years later, when Qin Chen (formerly called Sam) wakes up in the body of an unranked marquis’ illegitimate son, he is constantly being bullied. Nevertheless, with the help of his past life’s experience and knowledge including spiritual tactics and refining elixirs, the situation changes for him.
Fed up with an unjust kingdom, Qin Chen leaves only to surprise all the countries. Wu Shen Zhu Zai or Martial Master is a great Chinese anime (donghua) that explores Qin Chen’s journey for vengeance, supremacy, and restoration of his lost honor.

Top 10 Donghua Like Martial Master


5. One Step Toward Freedom (Dubu Xiaoyao)

One Step Toward Freedom Donghua

In One Step Towards Freedom the protagonist is taken to another planet where his adventure begins in rather peculiar circumstances. Upon arrival, he is forced into marriage after falling from the sky right in front of a sect leader who needed an unfaithful husband for his daughter. This unusual beginning leads him to practice cultivation while at the same time trying to cope with time travel as well as dealing with challenges brought about by an unwanted marriage.
He finds himself in a different world full of growth opportunities as he tries to gain freedom in “One Step Towards Freedom”: An Isekai Chinese Anime(Donghua) about self-discovery amid an unfamiliar environment that demands much from him.


6. Wo de Yi Jie Zhi Lu (My Journey in an Alternate World)

My Journey in an Alternate World Donghua

Wo de Yi Jie Zhi Lu” is an Chinese anime (Donghua) about Chen Xiaofan who accidentally swallows a Chaos Orb and ends up in another world. This reality is a parallel universe where he becomes “Young Master Chen”, the most handsome man within Muyun City but his inability to cultivate becomes the greatest obstacle despite all women being crazy about him due to his good looks.
Renouncing a life of ease and luxury, Chen Xiaofan defies his family’s wishes and leaves behind his privileged position. He is determined to find a way back to his own world and starts cultivating. “My Journey in an Alternate World” is an isekai Chinese anime (donghua) full of action and adventure that shows Chen Xiaofan’s struggle for power and growth.


7. The Peak of True Martial Arts (Zhen Wu Dianfeng)

The Peak of True Martial Arts Chinese Donghua

In “The Peak of True Martial Arts”, Nie Feng has a yang body but was born in an ordinary family. He went through a lot of difficulties and suffered a lot in his life due to this reason. However he still decides to face the eight major sects alone. Instead of dying, he returns to his seventeen-year-old self unexpectedly.
Nie Feng achieves great success despite his humble beginnings when given another chance at life and becomes unparalleled in martial arts. Hoping to correct the mistakes made in his previous life, he tries to make up for any past regrets through this current incarnation while also seeking vengeance against all who would oppose him. “The Peak of True Martial Arts” tells an exciting story about redemption, revenge and mastery following Niefeng’s journey across different worlds.


8. Shrouding the Heavens (Zhe Tian)

Shrouding the Heavens Chinese Anime

When “Shrouding the Heavens” begins, a group of high school friends meet up again for their graduation party. During this time they stumble upon ancient bronze coffin rumored to contain nine giant dragons inside it somewhere near Mount Everest or within its vicinity. After discovering these things, an unknown world waits them.

What should be done so as not to die here now that we have no idea where we are?
Who are those people outside our window watching every move we make like hawks waiting for prey below their nest in cliff above river?
Where does all this technology come from and why does it look so advanced but at the same time appear ancient beyond human understanding or comprehension even though some items seem familiar enough
What do they want with us and why did they bring us here of all places instead taking someone else who might have been better suited for whatever purpose awaits them.

Their odyssey is filled with risk and instability as they strive to acquire the knowledge and power that will enable them to go back home. “Shrouding the Heavens” is an interesting isekai Chinese anime (donghua) which speaks about survival, cultivation and an unending journey of wanting to go home.


9. The First Son-in-Law Vanguard of All Time (Wu Ying Sanqian Dao)

The First Son-in-Law Vanguard of All Time Chinese Anime

The First Son-in-Law Vanguard of All Time” revolves around two masters of cultivation. Cang Di and Song Yu have been fighting with each other till death for ages. Song Yu meets a wandering soul before his death and gives it the last of his strength to revive him. He passes on his swordsmanship and also healing techniques trusting the naive soul that this was the right thing to do.
This revived soul is now known as Xu Wuzhou and becomes Qin family’s son-in-law as he delves deeper into cultivation world. Nevertheless, due to foolish acts done by previous owner of that body, Xu Wuzhou finds himself in awkward moments time after time. He unlocks his full potential using the abilities gained from this event so as to prove himself worthy enough before Qin family members. “The First Son-in-Law Vanguard Of All Time” is a captivating isekai Chinese anime (donghua) which portrays redemption journey for Xu Wuzhou when he masters new skills and tries to fit into different reality.


10. Spirit Sword Sovereign (Ling Jian Zun)

Spirit Sword Sovereign Donghua Anime

Spirit Sword Sovereign tells the story of an extraordinary man who is sent back to his youth after being attacked. He vows never to forgive his enemies this time round, therefore he must ensure that they pay for their mistakes. In order not to repeat same errors as in the past life, weak and ineffective young lord which he becomes must hold on tightly to every opponent without exception.


11. The Founder of Diabolism (Mo Dao Zu Shi)

The Founder of Diabolism Chinese Anime

The Founder of Diabolism is about Wei Wuxian, who is hated by most people for being the mastermind behind the Demonic Cultivation Path. He gets killed after several sects join hands against him with Jiang Cheng, his closest Shidi at the forefront. Upon his death, Wei Wuxian’s soul transmigrates into Mo Xuanyu’s body, a madman disowned by the Mo family and is brought back to Gusu by Lan Zhan, his former arch-enemy as well as one of themost respected cultivators in the world.
What happens when these two who were never meant to meet form an unlikely alliance throwing them into some of funniest yet thrilling moments?
Well…babies must be taken care of; riddles need solving while fighting different kinds monsters stand on their way. Despite all this, throughout the story we see them working together despite having different beliefs uncovering mysteries realm beyond death; an action that creates unbreakable bonds between them. As they journey through perilous seas infested with demonic creatures and skies haunted by vengeful spirits of past they also face off against other equally powerful cultivators each driven by own sinister motives. The Founder of Diabolism manages to capture viewers with its interesting exploration into chinese anime (donghua) isekai that touches on themes such as friendship but redemption too albeit indirectly confronting clash ideals hence achieving much more than meets eye at first glance.


12. Tales of Demons and Gods (Yao Shen Ji)

Tales of Demons and Gods Donghua Anime

Tales of Demons and Gods tracks Nie Li, who was a powerful Demon Spiritist in his past life and reached the peak of the martial world. He was strong but at that time his house was destroyed and he died fighting the Sage Emperor along with six deity-ranked beasts. However, unexpectedly his soul was sent back to when he was 13 years old.
Nie Li is ready to rewrite his destiny armed with the profound knowledge gained from his past life. He may have started out as the weakest person in the class with the least aptitude and only red soul realm but he is determined to train harder and faster than anyone thought possible. “Tales of Demons and Gods” is an exciting isekai Chinese anime (donghua) that tells the story of Nie Li as he tries to regain his former strength and shield those dear to him while making the most of what happened before for tomorrow’s brighter day.


In conclusion

In this article, we introduced the top 12 isekai donghua (Chinese anime) you can’t afford to miss out on. The list varied from one title to another but they all share some common isekai features; unique plots and exciting adventures accompanied with lots of actions in addition to being set in fantasy environments. These are interesting stories that will keep anyone glued till the end.

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