Donghua Like Martial Master

Top 10 Donghua Like Martial Master

Top 10 Donghua (Chinese Anime) Similar to Martial Master (Wu Shen Zhu Zai)

If you love "Martial Master" (Wu Shen Zhu Zai) Donghua and are looking for alike shows, you are in the correct spot. Here, we will look into some fun Chinese anime series that have martial arts, rebirth, and big quests like you saw in Martial Master. Whether it is strong heroes reborn or unlikely underdogs finding their way to greatness, these Donghua are full of action, magic, and unforgettable characters. Join us as we look at our top picks for Donghua like Martial Master.


1. Supreme Rebirth: "Against the Sky Supreme"

Ni Tian Zhizun - Donghua Like Martial Master

"Against the Sky Supreme," also called "Ni Tian Zhizun," is a great Chinese anime that reflects the themes found in Martial Master. The main character, Hongmeng Supreme, goes on a journey similar to that of Qin Chen, with betrayal, rebirth, and a quest for making things right. In the God Realm, Hongmeng Supreme, like Qin Chen, is a master of many arts, and his tale involves rebuilding his life after a sad betrayal.

Both Donghua explore the theme of rebirth, where the main characters use their skills and memories from their past lives to shape their destinies. Just as Qin Chen is an expert in alchemy, swordsmanship, and martial arts, Tan Yun, who is the rebirth of Hongmeng Supreme, shows mastery in various skills, making Against the Sky Supreme a Donghua like Martial Master.

In both series, the characters start as underdogs and slowly rise to power, driven by a desire for payback and a sense of justice. Their journeys of self-discovery and growth make Against the Sky Supreme a fantastic choice for those looking for Chinese anime similar to "Martial Master."

This cool show, just like Martial Master, has characters who overcome hard times and betrayal to become great, so fans of Chinese anime like "Martial Master" must watch it.


2. "Wan Jie Xian Zong": A Journey of Martial Arts and Immortality

Wan Jie Xian Zong Chinese Anime

"Wan Jie Xian Zong," also called "Wonderland" or "Fairy Legends," has a story kind of like "Martial Master." The story is about Ye Xingyun, a normal prince who gets chosen to lead the martial arts group Tianyuan Shenzong. "Wan Jie Xian Zong" and "Martial Master" both have main characters on journeys of finding themselves and getting revenge after being betrayed.

In both shows, martial arts and trying to live forever are big parts. Ye Xingyun, just like Qin Chen, becomes a leader while dealing with his past and wanting revenge. Betrayal is very important in both shows, motivating the main characters to become great and get back at people. Also, both characters have hidden identities at first, with Qin Chen being reborn as an illegitimate son and Ye Xingyun being a prince who doesn't know he's royal.

Wan Jie Xian Zong is well liked by fans of Martial Master, offering a Chinese anime that mixes martial arts, revenge, and finding yourself. For people looking for a Donghua series like "Martial Master," this one is good to watch.


3. One Step Toward Freedom: A Journey of Cultivation and Adventure

One Step Toward Freedom Donghua - Ye Yu

One Step Toward Freedom (Dubu Xiaoyao) tells a story about a person who, like the main person in "Martial Master," finds themselves in an unexpected situation leading to a path of cultivation and adventure. The story follows a man who is moved to a different planet, where he is forced into marriage. This event starts him on a new life filled with challenges and opportunities, similar to the journey of Qin Chen in "Martial Master."

Both shows explore themes of adventure and unexpected destiny. The main people in both shows are pushed into extraordinary situations and must adapt to their new realities. In "One Step Toward Freedom," the main person starts their cultivation journey after time traveling and being forced into marriage, echoing the unexpected events that shape Qin Chen's journey in "Wu Shen Zhu Zai."

"One Step Toward Freedom" aligns with the spirit of "Martial Master" as both people embark on journeys of self-discovery and personal growth in the face of unforeseen challenges. Fans of "Martial Master" looking for a similar series will appreciate the blend of adventure, cultivation, and unexpected turns in "One Step Toward Freedom."


4. My Journey in an Alternate World: A Tale of Transformation and Cultivation

Wo De Yi Jie Zhi Lu - My Journey in an Alternate World Chinese Anime

My Journey in an Alternate World (Wo de Yi Jie Zhi Lu) is a show that mirrors the themes of adventure and personal transformation found in "Martial Master." The story follows Chen Xiaofan, who accidentally swallows a Chaos Orb and finds himself in an alternate reality as Young Master Chen, the most attractive man in Muyun City. Despite his new social status, Chen is unable to cultivate, prompting him to set out on a path of cultivation to return to his original world.

Two shows called "My Journey in an Alternate World" and "Martial Master" have main people who change a lot and get into doing cultivation. Like Qin Chen who went from being a son not from parents married to being a master of martial arts, Chen Xiaofan also left his regular life to follow his goal even when family was against it. Both these people faced hard times and challenges on their journeys, showing how tough and determined they were.

"My Journey in an Alternate World" is an exciting adventure for fans of "Martial Master" who like stories about personal growth and exploring. The mix of adventure, comedy, and cultivation makes this Donghua a fun choice for those looking for a Chinese anime similar to Martial Master.


5. The Peak of True Martial Arts (Zhen Wu Dianfeng)

Zhen Wu Dianfeng Donghua

The Chinese Anime "The Peak of True Martial Arts" (Zhen Wu Dianfeng) has things that are like "Martial Master, with a story about being reborn, getting revenge, and becoming the best at martial arts. The story follows Nie Feng, who had a special body but was born into a simple family. Even though he faced many hard times, he went to challenge the eight major groups. But instead of dying, he was reborn as a teenager. In this new life, he became great at martial arts, determined to fix mistakes from before.

Both "The Peak of True Martial Arts" and "Martial Master" have main people who get reborn and use their new start to become great. Like Qin Chen, Nie Feng wants to make up for past regrets and beat his enemies. Their journeys show themes of being tough, getting a second chance, and striving for excellence in martial arts.

The Chinese anime The Peak of True Martial Arts is very similar to Martial Master. It tells a story about a person growing and learning martial arts. The main character gets revenge and becomes very good at martial arts. People who liked "Martial Master" will probably like this Donghua too.


6. Peerless Martial Spirit (Jue Shi Wu Hun)

Jue Shi Wu Shen - Peerless Martial Spirit Donghua

Peerless Martial Spirit (Jue Shi Wu Hun) is an engaging story that is like "Martial Master" because it has themes of transformation and triumph. The story is about Chen Feng, a young man who is not good at cultivation at first. He is born with a weak energy core and people make fun of him. But then Chen Feng finds some mystical dragon blood that gives him new powers.

Both "Peerless Martial Spirit" and "Martial Master" have main characters who start out weak but become very strong martial artists. They face many challenges but never give up. Qin Chen and Chen Feng also have friends and people who might become their love interests in the stories. These relationships make the adventures more interesting.

People who liked "Martial Master" will probably enjoy "Peerless Martial Spirit" too. The show has themes of being resilient, growing as a person, and mastering martial arts skills. The main character goes from being an underdog to being a powerful and respected martial artist. It is a great Chinese anime for fans of Martial Master.


7. The Success of Empyrean Xuan Emperor (Jiu Tian Xuan Di Jue)

The Success of Empyrean Xuan Emperor Donghua

The narrative of "The Success of Empyrean Xuan Emperor" revolves around payback and mastering martial arts. It shares traits with "Martial Master." The tale follows Wang Fan, a normal student at Golden Academy. He has the Nine Heavens Profound Emperor Jue martial arts power. When someone wrongs his brother, he becomes the silver tiger king with a mask. He starts a path of vengeance.

Both tales have protagonists driven by justice and avenging loved ones. Like Qin Chen, Wang Fan grows his fighting abilities to defeat foes. Both transform through hardships.

Fans of "Martial Master" may enjoy "The Success of Empyrean Xuan Emperor" for themes like payback, personal growth, and martial mastery. It is ideal if you want a Chinese anime similar to "Wu Shen Zhu Zai" where the main character evolves and becomes formidable.


8. Three Thousand Roads (Wu Ying Sanqian Dao)

Wu Ying Sanqian Dao Donghua

The narrative presents a unique story of redemption akin to "Martial Master." It centers on Song Yu, a cultivation expert nearing death. He resurrects a wandering soul into Xu Wuzhou's body, the Qin family's embarrassing son-in-law. This soul inherits Song Yu's sword skills and healing abilities. It aids Xu in overcoming his body's previous disgraceful legacy in this cultivation world.

Both "Three Thousand Roads" and "Martial Master" have characters who want to make up for past wrongs and grow as people through new skills. Like Qin Chen, who is good at many things, Xu Wuzhou uses his learned abilities to deal with hard situations. Both shows talk about being tough, changing, and reaching your full potential.

"Three Thousand Roads: The First Son-in-Law Vanguard of All Time" has similar themes to "Martial Master," making it a great pick for fans looking for a Chinese anime about personal growth, overcoming challenges, and cultivation.


9. The Legend of Sword Domain (Jian Yu Feng Yun): The Story of Power and Revenge

The Legend of Sword Domain Chinese Anime

The Legend of Sword Domain (Jian Yu Feng Yun) has a story about power and revenge, like Martial Master. It follows Lv Yang, one of the five great families in the ancient Sword Domain land. At a dangerous time, Lv Yang gets one of the ten legendary swords, Taoshen, while running away. He lays low to avoid being hunted, while training to find the truth and avenge his mother. In the end, Lv Yang becomes a powerful sword master, ruling over the Sword Domain as the great families fight for power.

Both "The Legend of Sword Domain" and "Martial Master" have main characters who go through big personal changes to reach their goals. Like Qin Chen, Lv Yang works hard to master his craft, seeking revenge and uncovering hidden truths. Both show determination and resilience in pursuing their ambitions.

The story called "The Legend of Sword Domain" has a theme like "Martial Master." It shows power, revenge, and being a master. It is a good choice for people who like to watch Chinese anime with sword fighting, personal growth, and epic power fights.


10. Master of Alchemy (Dan Dao Zongshi)

Master of Alchemy Donghua

Master of Alchemy (Dan Dao Zongshi) tells a story of revenge and rebirth like "Martial Master." The story is about Qin Yichen, a master of alchemy who was very skilled but not good at martial arts. In his past life, his enemy Ouyang Haotian stole the martial soul of his lover Feng Qianxue and killed both him and his brother Tantai Shuo. But with the help of the Heaven and Earth Spirit Orb, Qin Yichen is born again, young again, sad but determined to change his fate.

Both Master of Alchemy and Martial Master have main characters who were betrayed and want revenge using their special talents. Qin Yichen, like Qin Chen, uses his mastery in a special field—alchemy—to overcome challenges and achieve his goals. Both characters want to fix past wrongs, using their skills and not giving up to get justice.

Master of Alchemy has themes like Martial Master (The God of War Dominates), making it a great choice for fans who like Chinese anime about rebirth, revenge, and mastering special skills. The story shows the main character's strength as he rises from sadness to become powerful, making it an appealing watch for those who like such stories.


Final Thoughts on Our Top Martial Master Alternatives

We looked at many Chinese anime (Donghua) like Martial Master. They have martial arts, adventure, and good stories. These shows are great for fans who want something like Martial Master. If you like tales of rebirth, epic fights, or underdog stories, you will find a show you enjoy here. So, get ready for new adventures with these awesome Chinese anime picks.


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