Best Donghua You Must Watch Before You Die

You must be looking for the Best Donghua to watch; from the plenty of shows out there, it's tough to find the best ones, and if you want to enjoy your time, get excited and have an amazing experience by watching Donghua, you must pick one of these Chinese Anime serious that we will present to you in this article, so stay with us.

Soul Land: One of the Best Chinese Anime, if Not the Best

Soul Land

It is a reincarnation of the main character, Tang San, to a world with a different perspective of magic, cultivation and of course the secret weapons. In this Chinese anime, you can watch how the main character takes his skills, talent, and secret techniques and brings them to the new world with him and takes advantage of that to build his strength. We highly recommend this donghua and suggest you make it your priority to watch.


Swallowed Star in the Theme of Modern Cultivation

Swallowed Star

In this donghua, the world has gone through an epidemic that caused the animals to become monsters, and the last line of defense of humanity is trying their hard to survive and maintain the safety of humans. In this struggle, we have Lou Feng, the main character of this Chinese anime, who has a very poor family and a disabled brother. He tries his best to make money and be more powerful to help his family. Still, in this journey, he goes through many dangerous situations and has great chances to achieve power. We strongly recommend watching Swallowed Star, which is one of the best Donghua out there.


A Record of Mortal's Journey to Immortality: One of the Best 3d Chinese Anime>

Martial Cultivation Biography or Fan Ren Xiu Xian Zhuan

This is debated to be the best 3D donghua. It tells the story of Han Li, a mortal with no power and a very poor family. for the sake of keeping his family safe, he starts his journey on the path of immortality. He faces many obstacles and challenges, and through them, he will gain strength and many powerful enemies. If you like Chinese anime that's all about cultivation, immortality, alchemy, and treasures with a great 3D graphic, this is for you.


Battle Through the Heavens or Doupo Cangqiong, the Wonderful World of Fantasy and Alchemy

Battle Through the Heavens or Doupo Cangqiong

One of The most genius young people in the land suddenly loses all his cultivation and talent; therefore, he becomes a loser in the eyes of others. Nobody actually knows the reason for this mystery that caused Xiao Yan his misfortune. In the midst of this situation, suddenly, his fiance, whom he has a marriage contract with, appeared, and this was the source of all the problems he will face in the future. If you like swordsmanship, alchemy, and cultivation, don't miss out on this donghua.


Martial Master, The God of War Dominates or Wu Shen Zhu Zai, Experience Reincarnation to Get the Revenge

Martial Master, The God of War Dominates or Wu Shen Zhu Zai

This donghua consists of episodes that are no longer than 8 minutes but you can't get enough of this; the story is about one of the most powerful human beings that learned everything there is about alchemy, swordsmanship, fighting techniques, and treasures. Qin Chen is loyal to his friend and committed to his fiance, but sadly, he is betrayed by his fiance and friend. He vowed if there was another chance, he would take this revenge. I'll do this Chinese anime series. It is not the best for its visual qualities, but in the storytelling, character depth, and fighting scenes, it is one of the best and one of my favorites. It is definitely a must-watch show and one of our picks that you should watch before you die.


A Will Eternal or Yi Nian Yong Heng, the Unique Story, and Great Character Development

A Will Eternal or Yi Nian Yong Heng

A Will Eternal is a mix of comedy, fighting, and overcoming the weaknesses of the main character, Bai Xiaochun. Although this donghua doesn't have the greatest visual qualities, it is really enjoyable and entertaining. In this Chinese series, you will see Bai Xiaochun seeking longevity and immortality, which he craves most. It is recommended that you give this show a few episodes so you can understand the story and the characters, and then after that, you will start enjoying this donghua.


Stellar Transformation or Xing Chen Bian, Experience the Power of the Stars

Stellar Transformation or Xing Chen Bian

The talentless son, a great figure, tries whatever he can to impress his father, but sadly, his qualifications and body condition are very weak. In the world of influential figures who use different techniques and fighting abilities to conquer and get wealth, to kill or enslave others, strength is very important, so in this Chinese anime, you will see the main character go through a destiny-changer opportunity that is finding a stone that fuses with his body and give him great talent and power. Bit by bit, his father and brother's point of view of the main character changes, and he gains their trust through his hard work and the opportunity that he gained.


Against the Sky Supreme or Ni Tian Zhizun, Reincarnation and Revenge

Against the Sky Supreme or Ni Tian Zhizun

This donghua is about Hongmeng Supreme, who was the god of the God realm, an unparalleled figure that ruled the whole world with supreme power and profound knowledge. He was respected for his good character and peaceful attitude. But in the end, he was betrayed by his friends and other Supremes. He was reincarnated as Tan Yun in a small family, and from there, he started his journey to gain power and to find his swords so that he could take back what belonged to him and take his revenge.


Fairy Legends or Wan Jie Xian Zong, the World of Immortality and Realms

Fairy Legends or Wan Jie Xian Zong

The leader of the Tianyuan Shenzong sect was going through the path of immortality, so he was to ascend to the next realm of immortality. Nobody expected that he would choose Ye Xingyun as the new leader of the sect; everybody believed that talent and qualification were not enough to be the leader of this great sect; just because they respected the former sect leader, they accepted Ye Xingyun and followed his order to take your revenge and make the sect prosperous again.


Renegade Immortal or Xian Ni, Getting Power Just to Protect His Parents

Renegade Immortal or Xian Ni

This is the story of wang in, a talentless, poor guy that tries his best to get through a difficult exam of an immortal sect in order to protect his parents. In this story, you will see that through his perseverance and hard work, and iron Will wang lin goes through All odds and breaks a lot of powerful enemies that nobody even dared to look at them. This donghua has excellent visual graphics and exciting fighting scenes.


Other Great Donghua (Chinese Anime) List

There are many hidden gems and other great donghua that you should definitely watch and enjoy the great art of these anime series.

Here is the list of some of the best donghua:

Ten Thousand Worlds - Wan Jie Du Zun

Against the Gods - Nitian Xie Shen

One Step Toward Freedom - Dubu Xiaoyao

Immortality - Yong Sheng

Dragon Raja - Long Zu

Peerless Martial Spirit - Jue Shi Wu Hun

The Peak of True Martial Arts

The Demon Hunter - Cang Yuan Tu

Shrouding the Heavens - Zhe Tian

The First Son-in-Law Vanguard of All Time


At the End of This Donghua Recommendation

We really hope that you can enjoy watching these great Chinese animation art or donghua. And we are waiting for your comments and feedback so we can improve our list and give a better donghua recommendation next time. We believe this list we presented is a must-watch donghua list, and you should watch it before leaving the earth.

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