Peerless Martial Spirit - Jue Shi Wu Hun

Peerless Martial Spirit - Jue Shi Wu Hun (2020–)

English Name: Peerless Martial Spirit

Romanized Chinese Name: Jue Shi Wu Hun

Time: N/A

There are thousands of sects on the continent of Long Mai where cultivation is the way of life. While the weak live like ants, the strong conquer everything. Young Chu Feng was unable to cultivate because he was born with a weak energy core. But he ignores the numerous sneers that are directed at him. By chance, he discovers enigmatic dragon blood, which begins a new chapter in his life. He discovers himself in the arms of endearing fox spirits, a haughty empress, an enchantress of magic, and even the deity princess. He gazes down from the highest heavens, accompanied by many beauties, using unmatched martial techniques that have come to the fore of the most powerful martial spirit.

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50% (2 Vote)
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6.70 /10
  • Language: Chinese, Mandarin
  • Writer: Chengdong Luo

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