The Legend and the Hero - Wu Geng Ji

The Legend and the Hero - Wu Geng Ji (2016–)

English Name: The Legend and the Hero, The Journey of Wugeng, Chronicles of the God's Order

Romanized Chinese Name: Wu Geng Ji

Time: 16 min

Zhao Ge, which has been ruled by the Shang dynasty for generations, has received a messenger from the Heavens. The current emperor, Zi Zhou, tells the messenger that he will no longer submit to the tyranny of the Heavens and refuses to lower his head before the gods. The gods do not appreciate this, and soon Wu Jifa, the emperor of a neighboring country, is in charge of an offensive against the disobedient Shang. The Shang forces are utterly defeated during the battle, and just as the capital is inches away from being captured, Zhou joins the conflict. A god suddenly descends from the sky, landing right in front of him, ready to personally deal with the troublemaker, as he breaks through the enemy ranks and makes his way toward Jifa.

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  • Language: Chinese, Mandarin
  • Writer: Jianhe Zheng

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