Psychic Princess - Tong Ling Fei

Psychic Princess - Tong Ling Fei (2018–2019)

English Name: Psychic Princess

Romanized Chinese Name: Tong Ling Fei

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When the emperor arranges Qian Yunshang's marriage to Ye Youming, she is terrified that the animosity between their families will result in her being treated horribly in the Ye household. Qian Aotian comes up with a careless plan while torn between duty and concern for his daughter. He calls his firstborn daughter, whose existence is unknown to everyone but his own family, to fill in for her younger sister. Qian Yun Xi was exiled by her family when she was a child because of her extraordinary abilities. She created a life of her own in the wilderness on Mount because she was deprived of filial love. Yun, Ling But when she marries Ye Youming in place of her sister, everything starts to change. Ye Youming, who has a great deal of disdain for the Qian family, refuses to accept Qyan Yun Xi as his wife and treats her coldly, even expelling her from his palace grounds. But he can only withstand her innocent charm and audacity for so long.

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  • Language: Chinese, Mandarin
  • Writer: Rou Rou

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