Swordsmanship Donghua (Chinese Anime) Series

Go on an adventure into the world of accuracy and ability with the top 10 best swordsmanship donghua. These animations show the art of swords skills, where people learn the sword really well, get into big fights, and untie stories about respect and bravery.
The martial arts shows, sword fighting, or sword dancing in these Chinese animations bring sword skills to life with amazing drawings. Each one on this list lets you see the exact and great skills of Eastern animation. The hitting of swords and trying to be the best make a show to watch.
These Donghua will give you an experience that pulls you in as they show the amazing world of Sword fighting skills, with a great mix of story and very good martial arts.


1- Against the Sky Supreme - Ni Tian Zhizun

Against the Sky Supreme - Ni Tian Zhizun

The strongest being in the God Realm was Hongmeng Supreme, the ruler. He led many different arts and was known for his kindness to realms of mortals, eternal ones, and gods. But Chaos Supreme and Origin Supreme betrayed and killed him during an alien attack. This resulted in his curse to be reborn forever. His family was murdered. His house was taken away. His values changed. Tan Yun was born in a small noble town and lived alone for 16 years. When his past memories awoke and the power within him grew, Tan Yun changed his destiny near death. He gained god-like skills.


2- A Record of Mortal's Journey to Immortality

A Record of Mortal's Journey to Immortality

This story is about Han Li, a poor boy from a village. He decides to take a test to join the Qi Xuan Sect to help his family. His family will have a better life if he passes. A man named Mo Da Fu welcomes Han Li. Now Han Li must try to become stronger by practicing cultivation. But it will be dangerous. Other people may want to hurt him because he is just average. This tells the story of a normal person. Against all odds, he fights ancient powerful beings and dangerous demons. He works to find his own way to become immortal through cultivation.


3- The God of War Dominates - Wu Shen Zhu Zai

The God of War Dominates - Wu Shen Zhu Zai

A famous man from Tianwu named Qin Chen died unexpectedly because his lover and friend betrayed him. He was reborn 300 years later as the son of a noble family but people often bullied him. He used what he learned in his past life about spirit arts and pill making to become very powerful. Now he starts an amazing journey that will surprise every country.


4- Ten Thousand Worlds - Wan Jie Du Zun

Ten Thousand Worlds - Wan Jie Du Zun

Lin Feng was condensing his martial soul in the Lin Mansion that day. but because his fiancée Ji Manyao took the chance to take away his sword martial soul, causing him to throw up blood. At the same time, Lin Feng's spirit entered the place where old gods were buried. The strange woman in that place told Lin Feng that by destroying the ancient gods buried there, he could get a lot of martial arts power and knowledge.


5- Martial Universe - Wu Dong Qian Kun

Martial Universe - Wu Dong Qian Kun

In this world, respect comes from physical strength. The Great Yan Empire has four powerful families. One family, the Lin Clan, had something happen that led to someone being forced to leave. This person started their own family, hoping one day to join the Lin Clan again. When Lin Dong was young, he helplessly watched his gifted father easily beaten by Lin Langtian, a genius from the Lin Clan. Lin Dong's family was banned from the clan after that. Since that sad day, Lin Dong wanted to get back at the man who took everything from his family. He is the father of sadness, the grandfather of heartbreak, and the family of suffering. Join Lin Dong as he learns about a destiny greater than anyone could imagine. They find a mystery stone talisman. With only willpower and determination, see what happens to Lin Dong and his family.


6- The Legend of Sword Domain - Jian Yu Feng Yun

The Legend of Sword Domain - Jian Yu Feng Yun

There were ten famous legendary swords and five important families in the old land of Sword Domain. One of the five families was the Lv family, with Lv Yang as their ancestor. In a dangerous time, he got one of the legendary swords called Taoshen while escaping. He stayed quiet so others would not chase him, but he also practiced hard to learn the truth and get back at his mother. He became very skilled with the strongest sword among the powerful families fighting for control. In the end, he ruled over the land of Sword Domain.


7- Spirit Sword Sovereign - Ling Jian Zun

Spirit Sword Sovereign - Ling Jian Zun

After being hurt, the strong man went back to his younger days. He changed into the weakest little boy. He must fix the sadness of the last life in this life because he will never stop chasing his enemy from that life. The main person will be in charge in the three worlds between sky and ground when the Spirit Sword is powerful. If someone does not obey him, he will defeat him with the sword.


8- The Demon Hunter - Cang Yuan Tu

The Demon Hunter - Cang Yuan Tu

Meng Chuan watched his mother die right before his eyes, so he worked really hard to practice fighting. He wanted to get revenge someday. But his wedding was canceled. Other countries attacked. Enemies took over where he lived. His peaceful life was interrupted. He picked up his sword and promised to be the strongest to protect the people in Ning City. This will be hard work. It will teach him a lot along the way.


9- The Peak of True Martial Arts - Zhen Wu Dianfeng

The Peak of True Martial Arts

Nie Feng was born with a special true yang body. But he came from a normal family. Bad things kept happening to him. Powerful groups hurt and chased him a lot. Finally, he decided to fight against eight big martial arts groups by himself. Surprisingly, Nie Feng did not die. Instead, when he was seventeen, he got a second chance at life. Even though he came from a normal family, this time he did very well. His martial arts skills were the best. He would make up for regrets in his past life. All his enemies would be defeated.


10- Star Martial God Technique - Xing Wushen Jue

Star Martial God Technique - Xing Wushen Jue

There are twelve ways in the whole world that lead to the Tower of God, and in stories, each of these ways leads to a famous road that never ends. These ways in the Tower of God are very long and never have an end. In the past, there used to be many types of fighting arts, but sadly the world changed in bad ways, leaving only three: Flame, Dragon, and Star Fighting Arts. Many generations of people who practiced those three fighting arts are looking for the way to never stop living. A person who practiced Star Fighting Arts plans to become the Highest God while on his long journey with young beautiful girls too.




Exploring the world of swordsmanship in Chinese animation shows is an exciting adventure for all. These displays highlight thrilling sword battles, brave personalities, and fascinating experiences that keep watchers interested. Each presentation provides its own unique mix of action, suspense, and remarkable sword fighting, making it a must-watch for fans of martial arts and imagination.
If you want exciting shows, the top 10 best swordsmanship Chinese animated series will give you thrills. Make sure to check out these interesting shows on the Chinese Animated Series List to see the fun and talent of sword fighting up close.

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