Purple River - Zi Chuan

Purple River - Zi Chuan (2021–)

English Name: Purple River

Romanized Chinese Name: Zi Chuan

Time: N/A

Three heroes from a mysterious clan are emerging in the Human Empire. Sterling is a patriotic soldier and devoted to the throne, Di Lin is cold-blooded but resourceful, and Zichuan Xiu is known as an outlaw but an intelligent man. The three brothers showed off their respective skills when the Zichuan Clan was attacked by enemies from both within and without: Sterling resolutely chose his family rather than his beloved lover, while Zichuan Xiu drove the Demons away and risked his life to find the rebel. The constant entanglement of human, demon, orc, and eastern tribes causes chaos on this continent. Then, in the blood and fire, a magnificent epic story was born.

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  • Language: Chinese
  • Writer: Zhu Lao

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