I Annoyed Millions of Cultivators

I Annoyed Millions of Cultivators (2021)

English Name: I Annoyed Millions of Cultivators

Romanized Chinese Name: Wo Qi Ku Le Baiwan Xiulian Zhe

Time: 11 min Rate:

The narrative centers on Jiangbei, a student who bravely fought at the subway station and was rewarded by the system. He hosts the system and, fortunately, travels to another planet. Jiangbei had transformed from being trash in a small town in this different world full of cultivators to regarded by everyone as an intelligent child. Jiangbei had started the path of improvement by relying on the system, and he had grown stronger simply by playing treasures and upsetting people. Jiangbei gradually developed feelings for his relatives here after a string of chaos and poetry battles.

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  • Language: Mandarin, Chinese

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