Thousand Autumns - Shanhe Jian Xin

Thousand Autumns - Shanhe Jian Xin (2021–)

English Name: Thousand Autumns

Romanized Chinese Name: Shanhe Jian Xin

Time: N/A

Yan Wushi had traversed a path covered in corpses and blood. He had no faith in the goodness of humanity. Even more so, he didn't think it was possible for someone with a strong sense of justice and kindness to be so considerate of others without expecting anything in return. Shen Qiao, the sect leader of Mount Xuandu and the most powerful Daoist group in the heavens, was once challenged to a duel but somehow managed to fall off the cliff. Yan Wushi just so happened to be passing by there. He suddenly had the perfect thought after seeing Shen Qiao, who had been severely injured to the point of death: Who could stay eternal after thousands of autumns?

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  • Language: Chinese, Mandarin

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