Spare Me, Great Lord! - Da Wang Rao Ming

Spare Me, Great Lord! - Da Wang Rao Ming (2021–)

English Name: Spare Me, Great Lord!

Romanized Chinese Name: Da Wang Rao Ming

Time: N/A

This is the tale of Lü Shu, an orphan. He is a metahuman experiencing the changes in himself, his nation, and the world at the beginning of the magical era; he is not your typical orphan. Watch as Lü Shu sets out on a quest to develop his odd skills alongside his sister, the endearing and charismatic Lü Xiaoyu. They'll run into supernatural occurrences along the way, challenges, and even the most influential people in their nation. How will Lü Shu utilize his skills to the fullest and get rid of his never-ending list of rivals and foes?

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  • Language: Chinese, Mandarin

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