Great Doctor Miss Nine - Shenyi Jiu Xiaojie

Great Doctor Miss Nine - Shenyi Jiu Xiaojie (2021–)

English Name: Great Doctor Miss Nine

Romanized Chinese Name: Shenyi Jiu Xiaojie

Time: N/A

Jun Jiu, a doctor and research specialist, discovers that she was the victim of an errant drink in an industrial plot. Jun Jiu accidentally switches souls with an unfamiliar girl after being pulled into a wormhole by her, becoming the daughter of the Jun family and entering an unknown cultivation world. Jun Jiu saves a sealed Mo Wuyue without realizing his true identity after deciding to exact revenge on those who had wronged the previous owner of her body. While Mo Wuyue supports her from the shadows despite his aloof exterior, Jun Jiu walks on the path of cultivation with her mystic cat with firm determination and knowledge from her previous life.

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  • Language: Chinese

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