Chang'an Magic Street - Chang An Huan Jie

Chang'an Magic Street - Chang An Huan Jie (2020)

English Name: Chang'an Magic Street

Romanized Chinese Name: Chang An Huan Jie

Time: 14 min

The sects led by Tianxuan, Daxing Fangshu, and aliens held two realms and competed with one another in Zhenguan's first year. A few years ago, in Luoling City, there was a road known as Chang'an Huan Jie that unintentionally connected the two worlds due to an unusual earthquake. This was done to keep the city and even Chang'ang from turning into an intercontinental conflict. While maintaining a secret that unites the two realms here, foreigners who reside here are conducting business in two domains at the same time. Gu Shaoning, a young member of the human race, accidentally arrived on Chang'an Magic Street and got to know the residents of this street who belonged to an alien race. The young man's original ordinary destiny has also changed at the same time, shaking the earth as a result of the discovery of Chang'an Fantasy Street.

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