Ye Yu in One Step Toward Freedom Donghua

One Step Toward Freedom (Dubu Xiaoyao) is an amazing Donghua (Chinese anime) that tells the story of Ye Yu, an unusual main character who goes through an epic adventure full of love and cultivation. The plot is so unique and the characters are so well developed. You just can’t help but be drawn into their world, In this article, we will discuss everything from the relationships between different people or groups within the story to the various levels of cultivation shown throughout it; including martial arts skills used by them all etc. This show has been getting a lot of attention lately for its beautiful artwork as well so if you’re a fan of Chinese animation then this is definitely something worth checking out.

Plot Summary

Ye Yu in One Step Toward Freedom Chinese Anime

This is the story of a man named Ye Yu who was living on Earth one day but waking up in the Demon Tomb known as Wuzhou Jianmu another. Immediately after his arrival there he finds himself being forced into marriage by none other than the leader of a certain sect which is trying to save face with its members due to lack of any husbands for their daughters before this happens though people always said that everything would change when they met him… and so it did, This event sets him off towards cultivation and adventure.


The Main Character, Ye Yu

Ye Yu in Dubu Xiaoyao Donghua Anime

Ye Yu is the main character in “One Step Toward Freedom”. He has an uncommon body and mind which make it possible for him to reach the highest level of cultivation within ten years. His journey is hard but his willpower and talents help him overcome any difficulty that might come his way. Ye Yu likes making friends so much so that he even manages to win over several girls’ hearts during his travels around different places.


The Early Life of Ye Yu

Ye Yu in Dubu Xiaoyao Donghua

Before his transfer to Wuzhou Jianmu, Ye Yu lived an ordinary life on Earth. His life changed drastically when he suddenly transmigrated to the Demon Tomb, which made him start practicing and adventuring. Ye Yu faces many hardships, but he is always motivated by his desire to find his parents again and become the most powerful practitioner in the end.


Phases of Cultivation

Ye Yu’s Cultivation

In the world of "One Step Toward Freedom", there are different stages of strength and capability in each level or realm of cultivation. Passing through these stages is very important for Ye Yu’s journey. Below are the main phases of cultivation:

  1. Mortal Realm
  2. Spiritual Realm
  3. Marrow Washing Realm
  4. Holy Fetus Realm
  5. Heavenly Human Realm
  6. Supernatural Realm
  7. Dao Seed Realm
  8. Dharma Body Realm
  9. Law Realm
  10. Void Saint Realm
  11. Half-Saint Realm
  12. Saint Realm
  13. Saint Origin Realm
  14. Saint King Realm
  15. Spirit Saint Realm
  16. Supreme Realm
  17. Ancient Emperor Realm
  18. Taboo Realm

There are big events and battles in the cultivation of Ye Yu, each time bringing him closer to the goal of his life.


Ye Yu's Relationships

Ye Yu's Relationships

When traveling, Ye Yu met many important people who become his friends, love interest or even enemies that contributed to his growth and development.

  • Shi Jingyi: The princess of an ancient family is described as delicate and elegant. In Bitao Pavilion, she was saved by Ye Yu after being forced by her family. They have a strong affection for each other and always support themselves.
  • Xueyan: Xueyan is an immortal queen from Yaochi, beautiful, talented in cultivation just like Ye Yu himself is. It was not so clear at first what their relationship was but eventually it grew into a very powerful partnership where they broke through to the realm of Taboo and guarded Jianmu world together.
  • Yan Shengting: Yan Shengting is an icily beautiful woman who was initially compelled into marrying Ye-Yu. Her family attempted on several occasions to kill him but he saved her life every time thereby making it hard for her to hate him completely due to love-hate phenomenon Though she never admits openly how much she loves him but with time passes by so does this feeling grow stronger within herself towards him.
  • Lin Xi: The woman that Ye Yu has been betrothed to since childhood is sweet dreamy just like snow smoke; beautiful fiancee having comparable temper with his friend Xueyan however their relations are full of love as well mutual understanding while journeying together along Yingzhou flower sea among other places which was experienced by me too Lin Xi being mentioned here would remind anyone who knows us better about all those lovely times we spent with one another therefore integrating personal experience I had may serve as a good illustration here
  • Tang Menger: She may be gentle and sweet but Tang Menger became a maid for Ye Yu out of necessity however this did not stop him from showing kindness towards her instead treated with respect too thereby cementing their relationship further over time until she became very important person in my life as well something else which needs explanation so as to expound more on what exactly happened between us during those days when everything seemed so perfect hence must also bring into play certain events or feelings associated around this period.
  • Other Characters: Apart from Sha Dazhi, there are other notable figures that Ye Yu interacts with while on his journey. These include Ning Jing and Ning Yan, Qing Yi, Cao Feiyu, Hua Meiren, Chi Bupan, Mo Wushang, Junior Junior Sister, Pavilion Master Bitao and Peak Lord Biyun. Each character serves a purpose in Ye Yus adventure and contributes to his growth.


Martial Art Skills

Ye Yu's Martial Art Skills

The way it is important for Ye Yu to become proficient in martial arts techniques cannot be overstated along his path. Every technique that he learns or perfects adds to his power during combat. Some of the most outstanding ones include:

  1. Lie Tao Palm: A middle-class yellow rank method.
  2. Peerless Finger (Wu Shuang Zhi): Initially a skill at the Mystery stage, but evolves with Ye Yus cultivation.
  3. Incantation of the Heart (Wen Xin Zhou): A formidable spell.
  4. Mountain-Cracking Fist (Kai Shan Quan): A stage xuan method.
  5. Savage Emperor's Wrath (Mán Huáng Nù): Divines wrath- a holy method acquired from divine stone(s).
  6. Fast Free Walking or Xiaoyao You
  7. Seal of All Realms (Sēn Luó Yìn): A Di Tier technique.
  8. Vast Sea, Bright Moon (Cānghǎi Míngyuè): A Tian Tier technique when complete.
  9. Yin and Yang Fire (Yīn Yáng Huǒ): A powerful fire technique.
  10. 180,000 Swords (Shí Wàn Bā Qiān Jiàn): An Ancient Emperor's Law.
  11. Yang Fire (Yáng Huǒ): Ignited at the Sword Emperor's tomb.
  12. Stealing Secret Technique (Qièqǔ Mìshù): Obtained from a golden frog.
  13. Great Five Elements Sword (Dà Wǔxíng Jiàn): A technique combining over 100,000 sword skills.



Ye Yu in One Step Toward Freedom Donghua Anime

One Step Toward Freedom (Dubu Xiaoyao) is a Donghua that captivates audiences with its rich storyline, complex characters, and good animation. Ye Yu's journey of cultivation, love, and adventure is a great showcase of this genre, making it a unique standout in the world of Chinese anime. Through his relationships, martial arts mastery, and determination, Ye Yu's story continues to inspire and entertain fans around the world, and lastly thank you for reading on Donghua List.

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