Top 8 Best Gods and Deities Donghua (Chinese Anime)

Chinese myth stories come alive in Donghua shows. They use bright animation and stunning plots. These shows take gods and spirits from old myths and new versions.

In this article of Donghua List, we will explore the realm of Chinese animation and bring you the top 8 best gods and deities donghua. Here we unravel the mystical stories of gods as we look at the most fascinating divine characters. Join us on a journey through worlds and myths that make these shows special.



1- Ten Thousand Worlds - Wan Jie Du Zun

Ten Thousand Worlds - Wan Jie Du Zun

At home, Lin Feng was shaping his martial soul. His promised bride, Ji Manyao, seized his sword soul while it was still forming. This threw Lin into devastation, making him bleed and die. His newly formed soul was still primitive. Concurrently, Lin's spirit found itself in a grave-site. A lady with uncertain identity conveyed to him that shattering the antique deities found there would bestow upon him vast power and knowledge.

Ten Thousand Worlds - Wan Jie Du Zun


2- Against the Sky Supreme - Ni Tian Zhizun

Against the Sky Supreme

Hongmeng Supreme holds the title of the mightiest individual in the God Realm, proficient in various disciplines. He governs the god realm. Notwithstanding his powerful position, he was famous for his benevolence, compassion, and justness towards all realms - mortal, eternal, or divine. During an alien invasion, the Chaos Supreme and the Origin Supreme, turned traitorous, causing Hongmeng Supreme's death along with his curse of never-ending cycles of life and death. His kin was annihilated, his home seized, and his convictions were twisted. Tan Yun, the offspring of a modest noble family in Wangyue Town, was a social pariah for sixteen years. With the resurgence of his past recollections and the power of the Hongmeng divine fetus, he got a chance to change his stars as his life neared its end, gaining divine abilities.

Against the Sky Supreme - Ni Tian Zhizun


3- Wan Jie Xian Zong - Fairy Legends

Wan Jie Xian Zong

In the early days of the Great Zhou Dynasty, Tianyuan Shenzong, the martial arts group, faced attacks and suppression. They were protectors of the previous kingdoms, which made others target them after the fall of five more prominent martial arts groups. Tianyuan Shenzong's leader then decided to tread the path of immortality. He chose Ye Xingyun as the sect's ruler. Still oblivious to his past as a surviving prince of the Great Shang dynasty, Ye Xingyun followed the path for revenge.

Wan Jie Xian Zong - The Fairytales


4- The Legend and the Hero - Wu Geng Ji

The Legend and the Hero - Wu Geng Ji

Zhao Ge, a land under the Shang dynasty, received a divine messenger. The current king, Zi Zhou, made his stance clear before the divine messenger. He refused to submit to the oppressive divine realm and bow to the gods anymore. This defiance angered the gods. Wu Jifa, an emperor from a nearby kingdom, was tasked to start a war against the defiant Shang. The Shang army was crushed in this battle. When undesired capture loomed over the capital, Zhou joined the fight. A mighty god touched down from the heavens before him, ready to handle this nonconformist himself, as he penetrates the enemy's lines driving towards Jifa.



5- Soul Land - Douluo Dalu

Soul Land - Douluo Dalu

Tang San made a daring leap from a cliff, ending up in a different world, Soul Land. In this world, when kids hit six years old, their spiritual powers, known as martial souls, wake up. These souls can change into animals, plants, or weapons, helping souls with their daily tasks. People with powerful martial souls, Soul Masters, are held in high esteem. With a goal to resurrect his family and the title of Soul Master in sight, will Tang San's abilities awaken and allow him to reclaim his lineage?

Soul Land - Douluo Dalu


6- The God of War Dominates - Wu Shen Zhu Zai

Wu Shen Zhu Zai

Qin Chen, a renowned personality from the Tianwu world, meets an unexpected death due to his lover and friend's treason. After 300 years, he is reborn into a bullied illegitimate child of a marquis. Employing skills from his former existence like spiritual techniques and pill creation, he embarks on a voyage surprising to all nations.

The God of War Dominates - Wu Shen Zhu Zai


7- Against the Gods - Nitian Xie Shen

Nitian Xie Shen

In the Azure Cloud Continent, Clouds End Cliff at the base of Mythical Abode Mountain is known as The Grim Reaper's Cemetery and is most dreaded. Over the years, numerous people have plummeted from this cliff; none surviving, even god masters capable of shattering the skies. However, a treasure-possessing boy evading many pursuers leaps from the cliff. Miraculously, he wakes in the body of another boy with his name. The owning of the Sky Poison Pearl and the resilience to defy both heaven and earth marks the beginning of his tale on his path to planetary domination.

Against the Gods - Nitian Xie Shen


8- Tales of Demons and Gods - Yao Shen Ji

Yao Shen Ji

Once upon a time, Nie Li was the mightiest Demon Spiritist, standing atop the martial world, but was too frail to defend his home when it counted. He met his end battling the Sage Emperor and six powerful beasts. But, with a twist of fate, his soul returned to when he was just 13. Armed with a wealth of wisdom accumulated in his past life, he overcame the hurdles of being the weakest in his class, having the lowest talent, and a mere red soul realm. Nevertheless, he chose to train at an unexpectedly rapid pace.

Tales of Demons and Gods - Yao Shen Ji




We here presented the eight great Chinese animated shows about gods and powerful beings. These Donghua series have action, magic, and mythical worlds. You can see epic fights and journeys into mystical lands. The stories come from Chinese folk tales and mythology. You will learn about their traditions of gods and spirits. These shows are entertaining and let you explore Chinese culture through animation. Give one of these top Donghua listed by Donghua List a watch to be amazed.

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