Top 5 Best Military Donghua (Chinese Anime)

If you enjoy animated shows packed with action focusing on military, you're in luck. Military donghua, or Chinese animation, grow popular for intense battles, engaging tales, captivating figures. Here are five top military donghua sure to submerge in pulse-pounding missions gripping till end.

From epic clashes between factions and strategic warfare to heroic sacrifices, these military anime provide an engaging mix of action and drama. Whether set in history or the future, there is something for all in these top military animated shows from China. Get ready to explore military anime as we uncover the best in this exciting genre.


1- Purple River - Zi Chuan

Purple River Donghua

Three brothers from a mysterious clan emerged in the empire. Sterling was devoted to the throne. Di Lin was resourceful. Zichuan Xiu was known as intelligent. When enemies attacked, Sterling chose family over love. Zichuan Xiu drove off Demons and risked life to find rebels. Conflicts between humans, demons, orcs and tribes caused chaos. A story was born in blood and fire.

Purple River - Zi Chuan


2- Swallowed Star - Tunshi Xingkong

Tunshi Xingkong Donghua

One day, an unknown virus attacked, turning animals into scary fighting beasts. People built walls and cities for protection. This dangerous time was called the "Period of Nirvana." Humans developed powerful skills for survival in harsh lands. Martial arts and fighting grew in importance. 18-year-old Luo Feng dreamed of becoming one of the elite Warriors. The story follows Luo Feng as he trains hard in his post-crisis world filled with smart Monsters. He faces challenges while gaining extraordinary abilities to defend his people.

Swallowed Star - Tunshi Xingkong


3- Carp Reborn - Yuan Long

Yuan Long Donghua

Wang Sheng was transported to the world of Yuanhun where he was controlled by a carp spirit notorious as trash. Using knowledge, Wang overcame challenges even finding ways to develop his useless carp spirit. It ranged from carp to eagle, and sparrow to phoenix. He would forge his own path to success in this evil world full of conflicts. According to legends, a carp leaping over the Dragon's gate would transform to a dragon. Even a small carp can defy fate and become legendary with effort and bravery.

Carp Reborn - Yuan Long



4- The Success of Empyrean Xuan Emperor

The Success of Empyrean Xuan Emperor

Wang Fan attended the Golden Academy and owned Nine Heavens Profound Emperor Jue. He wore a silver tiger king mask seeking vengeance against his brother.


5- The Defective - Can Ci Pin: Fangzhu Xingkong

The Defective - Can Ci Pin: Fangzhu Xingkong

A group of outcast "defectives" who had been discarded by society due to their perceived flaws or issues banded together. Led by two men with very different personalities and approaches, they worked as a team to fight against the oppressive system that dominated the world. This society had become deeply reliant on a advanced form of mind-link technology that allowed people to connect.



In the End

As you explore the top 5 best military Donghua series, we hope our choices satisfy your desire for exciting action and engaging stories. These animated shows give you a look into the world of war, showing the courage, sacrifice, and friendship of soldiers. we believe these Donghua will leave you fully entertained and maybe even touched. So, start enjoying these special stories available on Donghua List without waiting, and may they meet or go past what you hoped for, giving you many hours of fun and fulfillment.

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