Top 10 Donghua Gems That Deserve More Recognition

Chinese Anime, known as Donghua, has incredible stories. However, some of them get overlooked. Here, we highlight top 10 underrated Donghua gems that deserve more attention. Each series has a special plot, interesting characters, and beautiful animation. We'll explore what makes these hidden gems unique and worth watching. Join us as we uncover these lesser-known Chinese anime.

1. The First Son-in-Law Vanguard of All Time (Wu Ying Sanqian Dao)

The First Son-in-Law Vanguard of All Time Donghua

This Donghua follows Xu Wuzhou, a wandering soul brought back to life by Song Yu, an expert in cultivation. Xu inherits Song Yu's sword skills and healing abilities. He enters the cultivation world as the Qin family's son-in-law. Despite the previous owner's embarrassing legacy, Xu strives to prove himself worthy within the family. This Chinese anime blends martial arts and fantasy, showcasing Xu's quest for redemption and mastering his newfound abilities. We recommend that you don't miss this one; it's fun to watch and will keep you entertained for hours.

The First Son-in-Law Vanguard of All Time


2. Dragon Raja (Long Zu)

Long Zu Chinese Anime

Lu Mingfei is happy with his simple life and gaming skills. Unexpectedly, he receives a scholarship to Cassell College in Chicago. Initially skeptical, he accepts the offer and discovers the existence of dragons and the college's extraordinary nature. This Donghua follows Lu's surprising adventure as he adapts to his new, extraordinary life. A must-watch, this Donghua has graphics similar to those of Japanese anime, and it combines fantasy and excitement, showcasing the thrill of uncovering hidden worlds.

Dragon Raja - Long Zu


3. The Success of Empyrean Xuan Emperor (Jiu Tian Xuan Di Jue)

The Success of Empyrean Xuan Emperor Donghua Anime

The story follows Wang Fan, a normal student from Golden Academy. He gets a powerful magic item called the Nine Heavens Profound Emperor Jue. Wang Fan wants to avenge his brother's death. So he wears a silver tiger king mask and starts a journey of revenge and self-discovery. This Chinese anime shows Wang Fan's change from a student to a strong martial artist. It has themes of revenge, power, and personal growth. The series is exciting for fans of Chinese anime. If you want a Donghua with a lot of episodes that have good quality in both visuals and characters, this is for you.

The Success of Empyrean Xuan Emperor


4. Shrouding the Heavens (Zhe Tian)

Shrouding the Heavens (Zhe Tian) Chinese Donghua

A group of teenagers meet again for their graduation. They find an ancient coffin with nine huge dragons inside. Suddenly, they are taken from Earth to a strange new world. They must learn special skills on this planet to survive. They hope to return home one day. This Chinese anime explores survival, growth, and the unknown. It is about a group facing challenges in a fantasy adventure world. The story compellingly blends fantasy and adventure. This Chinese anime has one of the best visuals out there, and it's one of the must-much ones.

Shrouding the Heavens - Zhe Tian


5. Jade Dynasty (Zhu Xian)

Jade Dynasty (Zhu Xian) Donghua

Zhang Xiaofan becomes an orphan and joins the Qingyun Sect. After five years of intense training, he excels in the Seven Peak Martial Arts Competition. He is sent to Kongsang Mountain to combat evil. He and his senior, Lu Xueqi, rescue Bi Yao, the cult leader. As Zhang Xiaofan faces new dangers, the Donghua shows his growth, determination, and complex relationships shaping his path. It blends martial arts, fantasy, and emotional depth, making it stand out in Chinese anime.

Jade Dynasty - Zhu Xian


6. My Journey in an Alternate World (Wo de Yi Jie Zhi Lu)

My Journey in an Alternate World (Wo de Yi Jie Zhi Lu) Chinese Anime

Chen Xiaofan accidentally eats a magic Chaos Orb. He is sent to another world. There, he becomes Young Master Chen, the most handsome man in Muyun City. All the women adore him. However, Chen cannot learn special skills and is seen as useless. He does not accept this. Chen leaves his comfortable life against his family's wishes. He is determined to learn special skills and find a way back home. This Chinese anime explores perseverance and transformation. It is an intriguing story to watch.

My Journey in an Alternate World


7. Master of Alchemy (Dan Dao Zongshi)

Master of Alchemy (Dan Dao Zongshi) Donghua Anime

The story follows Qin Yichen, a skilled alchemist with poor martial arts abilities. Despite his talents, he suffered greatly when his enemy, Ouyang Haotian, killed his brother Tantai Shuo and stole his lover Feng Qianxue's martial soul. However, the Heaven and Earth Spirit Orb gave Qin Yichen a second chance, allowing him to return to his youth with renewed determination. This Chinese anime portrays Qin Yichen's journey of redemption, mastery of alchemy, and themes of revenge and transformation, making it a captivating watch.

Master of Alchemy - Dan Dao Zongshi


8. The Land of Miracles (Shen Lan Qi Yu Wushuang Zhu)

The Land of Miracles (Shen Lan Qi Yu Wushuang Zhu) Donghua

Fa Hua and Lan Ge are two teens from contrasting backgrounds united by a magical tool called "Only Pearl" to save humanity. Despite their differences, they forge an unlikely partnership to achieve this shared goal. The Chinese anime explores their cooperative journey, highlighting themes of unity and the power of collaboration in overcoming adversity. Their engaging story showcases the importance of working together, making it a must-watch.

The Land of Miracles


9. The Fallen Master (Duo Xuan Shi)

The Fallen Master (Duo Xuan Shi) Chinese Anime

Chu Yue, a top agent framed and executed, finds his soul transported to the Nine Desolation World guided by the Nine Desolation Mirror system. In this new realm, Chu Yue practices and grows stronger to survive while completing system tasks and uncovering shocking secrets about his new body's original owner. Surprisingly, he discovers he's not the only host of this system. This compelling Chinese anime blends mystery, action, and cultivation themes into an enthralling adventure.

The Fallen Master - Duo Xuan Shi


10. Mad Demon Lord (Kuang Shen Mo Zun)

Mad Demon Lord (Kuang Shen Mo Zun) Donghua

The story is about a powerful being who gave up his life to protect humanity from oppressive gods. Before dying, he passed on his soul power to a chosen one who would continue his mission. Many years later, the hero is reborn with immense power. He rises to fight against evil nobles and lead humanity to victory. This Donghua has themes of sacrifice, rebirth, and epic battles, making it an exciting addition to Chinese anime.

Mad Demon Lord - Kuang Shen Mo Zun


In the End

In this blog article, we introduced some lesser-known Donghua series, which have unique plots, interesting characters, and beautiful animations. These shows deserve more fans and attention, and we recommend that you check them out and see how creative and thoughtful Donghua can be. Thanks for visiting Donghua List. We hope you find shows you really like.

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