Full-Time Magister - Quanzhi Fashi

Full-Time Magister - Quanzhi Fashi (2016–)

English Name: Full-Time Magister

Romanized Chinese Name: Quanzhi Fashi - Quan Zhi Fa Shi

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The reclusive high school student Mo Fan has discovered himself in a universe that is similar to but very different from his own ordinary one; magic has taken the place of science's fundamental principles. The best students are taught to master the magic of spellworking here in order to fend off the large, destructive beasts that prowl the surrounding forests. Like in his previous life, Mo Fan is still the older step-brother to a sister who is crippled and the son of an underprivileged laborer. Despite these drawbacks, he dreams of enrolling in a magic school to learn how to perform magic—a highly regarded and lucrative profession—in order to reward his father for his laborious efforts. Mo Fan is granted admission to a prestigious magic school...

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  • Language: Mandarin, Chinese
  • Writer: LuaN

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