Top 10 Donghua Like Against the Sky Supreme

Many fans loved the story and characters such as Tan Yun in "Against the Sky Supreme (Ni Tian Zhizun)", If you enjoyed it too, this post suggests ten similar shows. These Donghua (Chinese anime) have themes like rebirth, growth, and seeking power. We'll give a quick look at each show's plot and unique points. These may help you find new series with the same excitement as Against the Sky Supreme.

1. Martial Master (Wu Shen Zhu Zai)

Martial Master Chinese Anime

Martial Master is a must-watch if you liked Against the Sky Supreme (Ni Tian Zhizun), It follows Qin Chen from Tianwu. His lover and friend betrayed him, leading to his death. But he's reborn 300 years later as the bullied son of a marquis. Using skills from his past life, like spiritual methods and pill-making, Qin Chen becomes renowned. His amazing feats awe nations, making this like Against the Sky Supreme.


2. Ten Thousand Worlds (Wan Jie Du Zun)

Ten Thousand Worlds Donghua Anime

Wan Jie Du Zun is Another great option like Against the Sky Supreme, It tells the story of Qin Chen from Tianwu dies after betrayal by his lover and friend. He's reborn 300 years later as a marquis's bullied son. Using past skills in spiritual methods and pill-making, Qin Chen rises to power. His incredible feats shock nations, making this perfect for "Against the Sky Supreme" fans.


3. Wan Jie Xian Zong (Fairy Legends)

Wan Jie Xian Zong Chinese Donghua

The Chinese anime 'Wan Jie Xian Zong - Fairy Legends' has a story like 'Against the Sky Supreme'; It tells about the Tianyuan Shenzong martial arts group. They protected past rulers but were attacked in the early Great Zhou Dynasty. After Tianyuan Shenzong fell, their leader wanted to become immortal. He chose Ye Xingyun to lead the group. But Ye Xingyun did not know he was the last prince of the Great Shang dynasty. He went on a journey to get revenge. Fans of 'Against the Sky Supreme' may like this story of betrayal, rebirth, and vengeance.


4. One Step Toward Freedom (Dubu Xiaoyao)

One Step Toward Freedom, Ye Yu

Another anime like Against the Sky Supreme is One Step Toward Freedom - Dubu Xiaoyao. The story follows Ye Yu, who gets taken to a different planet. Right away, he is forced to marry someone. He falls in front of a sect leader who needs an unfaithful husband for his daughter. This strange start puts Ye Yu on a special path of cultivation. It mixes time travel and forced marriage. With its surprising plot twists and Ye Yu's growth, this Chinese anime offers an engaging story for 'Against the Sky Supreme' fans.


5. Tales of Demons and Gods (Yao Shen Ji)

Tales of Demons and Gods Donghua

Nie Li lived as the top Demon Spiritist and martial artist in his previous life. However, he died fighting the Sage Emperor and six powerful beasts. His soul went back to when he was 13 years old. Nie Li was the weakest in his class with the lowest talent. But he used his past life's knowledge to train hard and get strong quickly. This rebirth story of growth and hard work is great for fans of Against the Sky Supreme.


6. The Peak of True Martial Arts (Zhen Wu Dianfeng)

The Peak of True Martial Arts Donghua Anime

Nie Feng had a strong body but was born into a normal family. He faced many unlucky events and mistreatment. At 17, he confronted the eight main martial arts sects alone. Surprisingly, he wasn't killed but reborn into his childhood. Despite his ordinary background, Nie Feng mastered unbeatable martial arts in this life. He wanted to make up for regrets from his past life. So he set out to defeat all his enemies. This story of overcoming struggles and seeking redemption is perfect for Against the Sky Supreme fans.


7. Renegade Immortal (Xian Ni)

Renegade Immortal Donghua

The Chinese animated show 'Renegade Immortal - Xian Ni' is a captivating story. People who enjoyed 'Against the Sky Supreme' will find this show interesting too. It follows Wang Lin, a young boy who wanted to pass an important exam to help his family. But then, Wang Lin's life takes an unexpected turn. He faces many tragedies and difficult choices. Despite the challenges, Wang Lin shows resilience and determination. This anime has a rich storyline and well-developed characters. It's a great choice for those seeking similar shows to Against the Sky Supreme.


8. My Journey in an Alternate World (Wo de Yi Jie Zhi Lu)

Wo de Yi Jie Zhi Lu Chinese Anime

The animated series 'My Journey in an Alternate World - Wo de Yi Jie Zhi Lu' explores themes like Ni Tian Zhizun (Against the Sky Supreme). Chen Xiaofan accidentally swallows a Chaos Orb and finds himself in another reality as Young Master Chen, the most attractive man in Muyun City. Although admired by all women, Chen Xiaofan cannot cultivate, so others see him as useless. Determined to become a cultivator and return home, Chen Xiaofan leaves his comfortable life against his family's wishes. This transformative tale of perseverance is perfect for fans seeking shows like Against the Sky Supreme.


9. The First Son-in-Law Vanguard of All Time (Wu Ying Sanqian Dao)

The First Son-in-Law Vanguard of All Time Donghua

The story 'The First Son-in-Law Vanguard of All Time - Wu Ying Sanqian Dao' is about two experts, Cang Di and Song Yu. They fight for a long time. Before Song Yu dies, he finds a lost soul and gives it new life. He also gives it his sword skills and healing powers. The soul becomes Xu Wuzhou, who marries into the Qin family. Because of the previous owner's actions, Xu Wuzhou faces many embarrassing problems. But he wants to prove himself worthy of the Qin family. His newfound abilities could help him reach his full potential. This Chinese anime is about growth and redemption. Fans of Against the Sky Supreme might enjoy it.


10. The Legend of Sword Domain (Jian Yu Feng Yun)

The Legend of Sword Domain Donghua

The Donghua 'The Legend of Sword Domain (Jian Yu Feng Yun) is similar to Against the Sky Supreme. It is set in the ancient land of Sword Domain. There are ten great swords and five powerful families. The story follows Lv Yang, an ancestor of one of the families. During a dangerous time, Lv Yang gets Taoshen, one of the legendary swords. To avoid being chased, he stays hidden but practices hard. He wants to learn the truth and avenge his mother. The families fight for power. Lv Yang becomes the master of the most powerful sword. He rules the land of Sword Domain. This Chinese anime is about vengeance, power, and mastery. Fans of 'Against the Sky Supreme' may enjoy it.


Final Recommendations

Looking into Donghua can be fun. There are many shows like Against the Sky Supreme. The ten shows we talked about have cool plots and interesting characters. They will keep you hooked. But, if you can't decide, we suggest starting with "Martial Master (Wu Shen Zhu Zai)" and "Ten Thousand Worlds (Wan Jie Du Zun)." These two are really good. They are a great way to learn about this kind of show. Thanks for reading, We hope you like these awesome Donghua.

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