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Wan Jie Xian Zong (Wonderland) is a well-known Donghua (Chinese anime) with a complicated story and deep characters. The main character in this donghua is Ye Xingyun. Here, we will discuss what we know about Ye Xingyun’s history, journey and relationships so far.

Background and Identity

Ye Xingyun's Background and Identity

Ye Xingyun is a character from Wan Jie Xian Zong who comes from the Tian Yuan Shen Zong which is a martial arts sect that was heavily oppressed at the beginning of the Great Zhou Dynasty because they had served as guardians during the reign of the previous dynasty.The Great Shang’s last emperor Shang Dixin is his grandfather while Shang Dijue, who used to lead this very sect before it fell under attack following the demise of the great shang dynasty, happens to be his grand uncle.Ye Xingyun founds out later in his life that he too belongs to royal blood as he was initially unaware of this fact thus he sets off on a difficult path full obstacles powered by nothing else but vengeance aimed at bringing down those responsible for killing every single member of his family.


The Wan Jie Xian Zong Storyline

Ye Xingyun in Wan Jie Xian Zong Donghua

In the days when the Great Shang ruled supreme there existed an organization called Tianyuan Shenzong whose duty it was to protect the empire. But following Shang’s downfall this sect along with many other powerful groups faced annihilation at hands of new government great zhou dynasty and various other equally mighty factions decided that instead of dying out completely they should leave behind some kind legacy so after years researching arcane arts they believed could grant them eternal life appointed ye xingyun their next leader without telling him who he really was — a surviving prince from among those slaughtered during downfall of his house Therefore his people awaited their coming salvation leader by this appChosen people of Shang were once led by a line of Emperors, the last being Shang Dixin who is also Ye Xingyun’s grandfather, and before they were destroyed there was a sect known as Tianyuan Shenzong headed by Shang Dijue who happens to be this character’s granduncle.In person this male protagonist had no idea about his royal origin until much later into the series when he embarks on what seems like an impossible journey mainly motivated solely through revenge for all those that died because of him.

To avoid for revenge, Ye Xingyun must unite his clan and revive Tianyuan Shenzong’s prestige, which has survived a path marked with personal growth as well as strategic alliances rather than just physical clash.


Main Storylines

Ye Xingyun in Wan Jie Xian Zong Chinese Anime

Infiltration into Qingyu Family

Ye Xingyun goes to Qingyu family as Jiang Yi who is the ninth son of King Jiang Shang from Qi so he takes over this identity while locking up real Jiang Yi as part of escaping oppression and pushing forward his plans; such was suggested by former heads of Tianyuan Shenzong. Initially people do not welcome him since they think he is weak and not related by blood but through continuous support received from friends like Ying Sha and Yu Yin among others who stood with him during difficult times, gradually reveals his true self by showing different kind of strengths before them all until now nobody can question anymore whether those were lies or truth spoken before their very eyes.


The New Prince of Qi and Tongtian Tomb

Selection process for a new student by one elder within Qingyu family greatly changes destiny of Ye Xingyun during the journey; he was only stopped at 7th heaven due to having seven apertures instead of eight but this boy broke through with the help of Nu Wa scroll. With increased strength combined with wisdom now being part and parcel of him, Qingyu people start relying on him more because they see that what he thinks always works out better than anyone else’s idea therefore entrusts him also titled as being king lost prince finding out later his real name should have been more responsibilities come along challenges most notably is when Yan Jue died who had been king’s court general leaving behind big gap which needs to be filled up by someone capable enough thus making everything even harder than before.


The Demon's Attack and An Yun

As Ye Xingyun's influence grows, he faces new threats, including a demonic lord seeking a powerful amulet in his possession. This leads to a fierce battle in Ning City, where Ye Odingi and his allies must defend against the demon's horde. During this tumultuous time, he meets An Yun, who is a mysterious and skilled martial artist. At first, Anurag was after taking away the scroll of Nu Wa from him but later changes his mind when he sees how much potential Ye Xingyun has together with his honesty. They then make a pact to fight common foes and safeguard their own interests.


The Rise of Bai Ze

Bai Ze is an ambitious character who desires nothing less than eternal life; this makes him one of Ye Xingyun's most significant enemies. When Bai Ze failed to capture his target - the dragon Ying Long, Ye Xingyun intervened thus ruining all plans that Bai Zes had. Guided by Zhou Kang while aided by Pangu the creator god himself; alongside other companions too numerous mentionable at this point one would be remiss not mention them; our hero faces off against Bai Ze once again but this time within Tongtian Tomb where finally these two fierce rivals clash in what can only be described as epic showdowns between warriors representing opposite spectrums–good versus evil personified. Through strategic wisdom displayed during his confrontation with Bai this arc also demonstrates ability attract support from others toward accomplishing goals thereby underscoring further points related towards leadership.


Cultivation Levels

Ye Xingyun and Cultivation

Wan Jie Xian Zong revolves heavily around cultivation – it's impossible fully understand just how far someone has come without also considering where they started from and every step taken along their way there hence why we need know all about each stage within this list concerning Ye Xingyun s cultivation levels:

  1. Apprentice: Ranks 1-3
  2. Martial Master: Ranks 4-6
  3. Grand Martial Master: Ranks 7-9 (Pinnacle)
  4. Martial Venerable: Ranks 1-4
  5. Half-Step Immortal
  6. Human Immortal: Levels 1-9
  7. Earth Immortal: Levels 1-9
  8. Heavenly Immortal: Levels 1-9
  9. Immortal Zun or Fairy Venerable: Levels 1-9
  10. Immortal King or Fairy King: Early, Middle, Late, and Peak stages

The main character starts at the bottom and goes up a ladder: their only way is to become more powerful. They will succeed but there are difficulties in their path; they will have to fight against countless enemies, and this can be done only by dint of constant training, battles, and wise teachers who have great experience in this domain.


Relationships Between Characters

Ye Xingyun's Relationships

In the Donghua Wan Jie Xian Zong (Wonderland), there is a close connection between the protagonist's growth and his relationships with other people. Here are some main relationships:

  1. Ying Sha & Yu Yin, They are not only his best friends but also two of the most faithful subordinates. He could rely on them from the very beginning, and they always followed through with his plans which proved to be very helpful at times.
  2. Ye Yanran & Ye Xueyun, Both are important women in his life; however, while being rather frivolous, Ye Yanran is also quite mature for her age whereas shy smart Ye Xueyun behaves like a little girl sometimes. Ultimately all these characters establish strong connections between each other and Ye Xingyun himself falls in love with one of them from childhood.
  3. Yu Yin & Zhou Kang, He was Ye Xingyun's personal bodyguard before becoming wardsmith apprentice under him later on during their youth days; eventually she even saved his life once thereby realizing how much she means to him so now he wants marry her.
  4. An Yun & Zhou Kang, This prince from some other kingdom became friends with our hero because they fought together against common foe save mutual friend life who introduced them initially.



Ye Xingyun in Wan Jie Xian Zong Donghua Anime

Throughout Wan Jie Xian Zong (Wonderland), we witness Ye Xingyun transformed into an avenger, leader, and hero. This survival story turned fairy tale prince into king through sheer strength of will and determination never fails to captivate audiences. Coupled with breathtaking visuals that bring his adventures life on screen makes for one amazing chinese anime character. Wan Jie Xian Zong doesn’t just entertain but also teaches us about the importance justice while showing how far someone can go if they don’t give up hope no matter what happens in their world or Donghua.

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