Best Travel Donghua (Chinese Anime)

Have you ever wanted to explore distant places without leaving your couch? Well, get excited, Donghua List has gathered 5 top travel animated shows for you. These animation works will take you on amazing adventures, all from the comfort of your home.
Here are some Donghua that will take you to amazing places. Each place has its own culture. You will see magical things and epic adventures. If you like traveling or want an exciting break, these Donghua will capture your mind. They will make you want more.


1- A Record of Mortal's Journey to Immortality

A Record of Mortal's Journey to Immortality

This story is about a boy named Han Li from a poor village. He wanted to help his family, so he went to the Qi Xuan Sect to take their test. There, a man named Mo Da Fu welcomed him. Now Han Li will travel around to learn martial arts. But Han Li is just an average person. It will be hard for him to practice martial arts and not get into danger. This is the story of a normal person. Even though it is hard, he will fight against very powerful beings. He wants to find his own way to become immortal and powerful.


2- My Journey in an Alternate World

My Journey in an Alternate World

After accidentally swallowing a Chaos Orb, Young Chen Xiaofan entered an alternate reality and changed into Young Master Chen, the most attractive man in Muyun City. Despite being adored by all the women in Muyun City, he was useless because of his inability to cultivate. He gave up his stable lifestyle as a young master and went against his family's wishes with the intention of returning to his original world because he was determined to follow the path of the cultivator.


3- The Land of Miracles

The Land of Miracles

This story focuses on Fa Hua and Lan Ge, two youths from different backgrounds and cultures, who, because of a magical item called "Only Pearl," were brought together to help all people.


4- Fighter of the Destiny - Ze Tian Ji

Fighter of the Destiny - Ze Tian Ji

A strange rock fell from the sky long ago and spread around the world. Some of it landed on the East Land. People came together around the rock, which had mysterious pictures on it, to learn what it was used for. They started The Tradition and found The Way. Many years later, fourteen-year-old boy Chen Chang Shang left his teacher to help him feel better and change what will happen. He went to the big city with part of his promise to get married, which started the trip of a rising hero.


5- Legend of Exorcism - Tian Bao Fuyao Lu

Legend of Exorcism - Tian Bao Fuyao Lu

A long time ago, a young man named Kong Hongjun came to the big city of Chang'an. He did not know much about life. Kong Hongjun joined an important group in the Great Tang government called the Exorcist Department. The Exorcist Department fought against bad spirits. Kong Hongjun worked with a man named Li Jinglong. Li Jinglong was the leader of the Longwu Army. Together they led a mixed up group in the department. This group had people with different skills to beat the bad spirits. This story is about how the records of the Great Tang fighting bad spirits were written down.



In Conclusion

We hope our choice of the top 5 best travel Donghua shows will spark your sense of adventure and desire to explore. These donghua feature captivating trips through various landscapes, cultures, and experiences. With their storytelling and lively animation, we think these Donghua will take you to new and interesting places, stimulating your curiosity and imagination along the journey.

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