X&Y - Aiyou de Mishi

X&Y - Aiyou de Mishi (2023–)

English Name: X&Y

Romanized Chinese Name: Aiyou de Mishi

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Yan Yuechu and his colleague Hu Zhi seek shelter from the rain in a rather unusual location after going out for late-night drinks: the structure housing Xu Aiyou's escape game, YY. Despite the game's notoriety and enigmatic owner, the pair decides to give it a shot. Yan Yuechu and Hu Zhi manage to finish the game in time with an hour to solve riddles and find their way out of a maze of unsettling rooms. The men, however, are deeply affected by glimpses of what seems to be Xu Aiyou's troubled past that are dispersed throughout the game; this impression is so enduring that vivid scenes from recent escape games start to creep into their dreams.

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  • Language: Chinese, Mandarin
  • Writer: Shuiyu Bi

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