Xianxia Donghua (Chinese Anime) Series

Chinese anime known as Xianxia Donghua has captivated fans globally with rich tales and culture. Here are the top 10 best series that made lasting impressions.

From intricate world-building to breathtaking martial arts scenes, these Xianxia Donghua have stunning visuals and compelling narratives. Whether new to Xianxia or an avid fan, this list offers captivating options. Discover thrilling and visually stunning Chinese anime in this popular genre. Join us as we delve in and uncover the most exciting series.
Stay with us as we explore enchanting worlds, powerful figures, and great adventures in these top Xianxia donghua.


1- Wan Jie Xian Zong - Fairy Legends

Wan Jie Xian Zong - Fairy Legends

The martial arts group Tianyuan Shenzong was attacked and stopped in the early years of the Great Zhou Kingdom because it protected past kingdoms. The other five big martial arts groups fell apart later. At that exact time, the leader of Tianyuan Shenzong decided to become immortal and picked Ye Xingyun to lead Tianyuan Shenzong. Ye Xingyun doesn't know he was once a prince from the Great Shang kingdom who survived. He followed the path to get revenge.


2- A Record of Mortal's Journey to Immortality

A Record of Mortal's Journey to Immortality

This story is about a boy named Han Li from a poor village. He wants to take a test to join Qi Xuan Sect to help his family. A man named Mo Da Fu welcomes him. Now Han Li will travel around learning martial arts. But Han Li is just average. It will be hard for him to practice martial arts and stay safe from people who may hurt him. This story shows what a normal person can do if they try hard. Even though it is tough, Han Li fights gods and demons. He works to find his own path to become immortal.


3- Soul Land - Douluo Dalu

Soul Land - Douluo Dalu

Tang San from Tang's clan jumped off a cliff to show he was serious. He had learned the group's biggest strength without them knowing. He entered another world full of martial souls under a new name, Soul Land. When children were 6, their martial soul would wake up in the soul temple. A martial soul could help with daily tasks. It might be an animal, plant or weapon. The best job in Soul Land was a soul master. Along with reviving Tang's clan, Tang San wanted to become a soul master from Saint Soul Village. If Tang San's secret weapons reached Soul Land and his martial soul woke up, could he bring back Tang clan's past success?


4- Swallowed Star - Tunshi Xingkong

Swallowed Star - Tunshi Xingkong

A strange virus appeared on the planet one day. This virus was not known. It made animals very sick. Sick animals changed into scary fighting monsters. People built big walls and cities to protect themselves. This was a hard time for humans. They called it the "Time Without Happiness". People learned how to live in dangerous places. They started doing martial arts to get stronger. Warriors were the best humans. They were strong and could fight well. An 18-year-old boy named Luo Feng wanted to be a warrior too. The main character is Luo Feng. He lives in a world after everything ended. It is full of smart monsters. Luo Feng gets better at fighting. He overcomes problems and gets stronger as a superhuman warrior.


5- Battle Through the Heavens - Doupo Cangqiong

Battle Through the Heavens - Doupo Cangqiong

This place has powerful people who make the rules, and weaker people must obey them. It has tempting treasures and beauty, but also unexpected danger. Xiao Yan had special talents not seen in decades. Then three years ago, he suddenly lost everything - his abilities, his high position in society, and his promise to his mother. What mysterious force caused him to lose all his talents? And why did his fiancée suddenly appear out of nowhere?


6- The God of War Dominates - Wu Shen Zhu Zai

The God of War Dominates - Wu Shen Zhu Zai

A famous person named Qin Chen from the Tianwu land died unexpectedly because his love and friend betrayed him. He was reborn 300 years later as the son of a powerful lord but others often picked on him. He used what he knew from his past life about spirit ways and making medicine pills to rise up highly. He started a journey that would surprise every country a lot.


7- Against the Sky Supreme - Ni Tian Zhizun

Against the Sky Supreme - Ni Tian Zhizun

The strongest being in the God Realm was Hongmeng Supreme, the ruler. He was kind and fair to mortals, eternal beings, and gods. Chaos Supreme and Origin Supreme betrayed and killed Hongmeng Supreme during an invasion from space. This caused his curse to be reborn forever. His family was killed, his home was taken, and his values changed. Tan Yun was born in Wangyue Town into a small noble family. For sixteen years, he lived as an outcast. When his past memories woke up and the power of the Hongmeng divine baby grew, Tan Yun changed his fate. As he neared death, he gained god-like abilities.


8- Immortality - Yong Sheng

Immortality - Yong Sheng

Fang Han has always felt that paying for himself is important. Since he was young, he has traveled everywhere alone. He is stubbornly determined to understand supernatural abilities. Through hard work, he changed his body to never age or get sick. Slowly, he entered a magical world. There, he became the most powerful king.


9- A Will Eternal - Yi Nian Yong Heng

A Will Eternal - Yi Nian Yong Heng

One person wants to make oceans. One person plans to call on the mulberry fields. One person has the desire to defeat many bad spirits. One desire is to defeat many immortals. Only my choice stays the same. A Will Eternal tells about Bai Xiaochun, a nice but irritable young man who values friendship and family very much but is mostly motivated by his fear of death and want to live forever. Bai Xiaochun, a regular young man, lights the Incense of Immortality to call on the immortals to try for immortality. But until he meets Guide Master Li Qinghou, the man is hit by lightning many times because of that.


10- Renegade Immortal - Xian Ni

Renegade Immortal - Xian Ni

It tells the tale of Wang Lin, a young child who tried to pass the district exam in an effort to improve his and his parents 'futures, but things turned out differently. It is a tale filled with tragedies and difficult decisions.



In the End

You may ask what is Xianxia Donghua? Xianxia Donghua describes Chinese animated shows inspired by the Xianxia literary genre. Xianxia fiction commonly features aspects of Taoism, Buddhism, Chinese myth, and martial arts.
As we wrapping up our list of the 10 top Xianxia Donghua series. We believe our picks have given you a peek into the Chinese anime world. These series show magical lands, complex stories, and ideas that connect with people. Their strong narratives and visuals offer a dive into otherworldly places full of thrills and fascination.

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