Is Lu Mingfei a Dragon King or Simply a Dragon?

In "Dragon Raja (Long Zu)", a Chinese anime, we will see Lu Mingfei as he transforms from a high school student to a life where everything he knows changes with just one letter that came from nowhere but Cassell College. It’s a world full of dragons but do we really know if Lu Mingfei is not just any dragon or even worse'; a king himself? Who is Mingfei? That is what we are going to find out as we go through his journey whilst unraveling who he truly is too.


A Dragon King or Just Another Dragon?

Lu Mingfei in Dragon Raja

When Lu Mingfei joins Cassell College, many start asking themselves whether Lu Mingfei is a dragon? Some even go further by wondering if he could be a Dragon King? Nonetheless, being an ordinary boy who seems not to have any supernatural powers of his own despite starting from nothing special thus far; what does it mean for Mingfei then that among all students categorized under S-Rank where they supposedly outshine others in various aspects according different schools’ standards- does this hint at more powerful abilities dormant within him owing simply perhaps being part dragon combined with human species only?


Is Lu Mingfei a dragon?

Yes. Mingfei is a hybrid, he has both human and dragon genes as seen when they took him in at Cassell College where students commonly have these traits too due to their close relationship with dragons over time.


Is Lu Mingfei a Dragon King?

No one knows yet. It is evident that Mingfei possesses qualities typical of those belonging to dragons but will his stay at Cassell College bring out the potential that might elevate him even higher than any other creature within their kingdom.


Initial Hurdles

Lu Mingfei in Dragon Raja Chinese Anime

Upon his arrival at Cassell College, Lu Mingfei found himself surrounded by students with extraordinary abilities. Not long after he got there, he saw an intimidating yet intriguing training match. At first, he felt like he didn’t belong because he was not as gifted as the others.

However, things took a different turn one day while they were having their usual practice. In order to bring out the best in him, Mingfei was pushed to his limits which led him to unleash powers no one knew he had, not even himself. This act made people look at him differently henceforth as they became more interested in knowing what more he could do. It also helped to unveil some aspects of his personality such as intelligence combined with humor among others but also including hidden sinister traits revealed under stress. Recognizing this talent enabled him surmount early obstacles and begin embracing his position within the institution.


The Beginning

Lu Mingfei

Mingfei’s encounter with the training match while still new at Cassell marked a turning point in his life at the college. All students were expected to be trained as dragon slayers since it was their primary objective. Thus, any person regardless of their background had to learn how develop their own unique supernatural powers although they may not come out explicitly in them as it did for Lu during that particular event.

This experience not only helped Mingfei gain the respect of his peers but also marked the beginning of his true educational journey. He engaged more actively in the training, using his sharp wits and unique perspective to tackle challenges. However, when situations intensified or his anger was provoked, Mingfei's darker, more formidable side would surface, often startling those around him with the intensity of his abilities. This duality within him intrigued and sometimes frightened his peers and teachers, making him a figure of fascination and speculation at Cassell College.


Discovery of Dragon Heritage

Lu Mingfei - Long Zu

As Lu Mingfei's understanding of his abilities and his role at Cassell College deepened, he began to uncover more about his dragon heritage. The realization that he was part dragon explained the unexpected outbursts of power and his emotional depth, which seemed tied to his hybrid nature. His unique heritage placed him in a category that went beyond simple human or typical dragon slayer—it hinted at a lineage possibly connected to the revered Dragon Kings of lore.

This exploration into his background opened new avenues for Mingfei. Faculty members took a keen interest in him, suspecting that his unusual combination of traits might be indicative of a significant and rare type of dragon lineage. This attention helped guide Mingfei through specialized training designed to explore and enhance his dragon-related abilities. As he learned to harness these powers, Mingfei's confidence grew, and so did his understanding of his potential role not just within Cassell College, but in the broader context of the battle between humans and dragons.


The Secret of S-Rank

During the training match, Lu Mingfei showed some surprising talent which had never been brought to light in him before, and also his becoming more and more proficient in using his dragon power. People started paying much attention to him henceforth. It was now clear why he was called an S-Rank. Being an S-Rank student meant having the highest potential among all the students in Cassell College. At first both Mingfei and others did not understand what it was supposed to mean – many were even doubting this rating – but as time went by, everything became clear with each new ability displayed by the boy.

But “S-Rank” did not only signify raw strength but also potential leadership, strategic thinking and a talent rare both in combat and diplomacy. What made Mingfei different from other kids was not just his sense of humor or intelligence but the way he approached challenges while blending these two with it. He started questioning himself about the duties that would come with such position when he began realizing them too well. Stepping up for more difficult tasks leadership roles revealed more hidden information behind his ’S-Rank’ mystery – there seemed to be something fateful awaiting him which could alter destinies of humans and dragons alike.


Vision of Mingfei

Lu Mingfei in Long Zu

While training went on and he kept on learning new things, someone began to have very clear pictures of something that related to his past’ histories. These visions would come during intense emotional upheavals or when he had to make hard decisions but at those critical moments they seemed like flashbacks from different times in their life. Many times it was as if Lu Mingfei was being shown what might happen next if he took this or that step forward – other times again, it looked more an otherworldly being was trying communicate something through him about certain events which took place long ago among some people who used come from nowhere near where any living person could reach by foot even if ran non-stop for hundred years in row.

These visions were not only mystifying but also deeply informative. They seemed to be guiding Mingfei, providing him with insights and warnings about potential threats and alliances. Some visions were reassuring, filled with symbolic imagery of dragons in positions of power and respect, possibly hinting at his role as a Dragon King. Others were darker, suggesting challenges and conflicts that might arise from his unique heritage and abilities.

As Mingfei learned to interpret these visions, they became an essential part of his journey, shaping his decisions and his path forward at Cassell College. His ability to sometimes share these visions with trusted friends and mentors also helped build a support network that was crucial for his development as both a leader and a dragon slayer.


Implications and Predictions

Lu Mingfei in Long Zu Donghua

As Lu Mingfei's abilities and insights deepened through his training and visions, the implications of his potential role became increasingly significant. Mingfei's growth from a seemingly ordinary student to a key figure at Cassell College suggested that his future actions could have major impacts not only within the school but across the broader conflict between humans and dragons.

Predictions about Mingfei's future varied among the faculty and students. Some believed he was destined to bridge the gap between humans and dragons, fostering peace and understanding. Others speculated that his unique blend of human and dragon traits would make him a formidable leader in upcoming conflicts, potentially as a Dragon King who could command respect and loyalty from both sides.

These predictions fueled not only discussions but also strategic planning within Cassell College. Mingfei's development was watched closely, with plans being adjusted based on his progress and the evolving understanding of his visions. As he prepared to embrace his role, the college community remained alert to the possibilities that his unique characteristics and destiny might unlock.



Lu Mingfei's journey at Cassell College, from a misunderstood newcomer to a central figure potentially destined for greatness, encapsulates the essence of transformation and self-discovery. Through challenges, unexpected talents, and profound visions, Mingfei has begun to grasp the magnitude of his role in the world of Dragon Raja (Long Zu). Whether he is a mere dragon or rises to become a Dragon King remains an unfolding question. Thank you for being with us.

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